Friday, October 9, 2009

I guess not....

What does 13 years old boys like to do for their birthday?

Hmm.... let me see....

Hang out with their Mum to a quiet dinner at the Mamak stall?

Watch a movie with their Little Brother?

Window shopping with Grandma?

Sit by the computer reading their Mum's blog?

Giving the dog a bath?

Finishing Math homework which was suppose to have been completed last week?

Watch Spongebob Square pants 13 series at one sitting?


I guess not.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Excitement in the Air!

"I am sooooooo excited that I cannot sleep", Joel came over and hugged me.

It was already 11:23pm.

"Why are you so excited?" I asked curiously.

"Because I am turning into a teenager tomorrow. That only happens once a lifetime", he said beaming.

Its really great to see him being so excited about himself turning into a teenager ... 13. That's a big number. I felt excited for him.

I don't think I have ever been that excited about my own birthday. Of course then, there was nothing to look forward to. I wasn't going to get a party or presents from my parents. Unlike Joel, who is so fortunate because he has been talking about his birthday present for months now. I still don't know what he has decided on.

I hope that he will have a great week because we will probably have a dinner with him during the weekend and then upon his request, have a few friends to go to Midvalley Megamall to some playground. I have not checked out the place, yet. But his friends mentioned that it was fun. So, that would be probably next week. How nice. The birthday celebration is spaced out for a whole week.

The joy of childhood.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Joel's Upcoming Birthday

Joel's birthday is this coming Thursday - 8 Oct 2009. He is turning 13 years old.

Don't forget to wish him, "Happy Birthday"! He is all excited about getting presents and getting wishes....

Of course, it will be nice if you could get him a present as well ;-). I am sure he will really really appreciate it.

The joy of childhood.