Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Free Day in Chiang Mai: ATV Here We Come!

We arrived in Chiang Mai on 15 Aug, Fri at 7am. Its a free day.

We checked into our very basic hotel. The children watched some cartoons while I took a short nap while waiting for Keng, our ex-tour guide to pick us up for a sight-seeing day of Chiang Mai.

Where to go with the children? We came here but only for a few days at the end of last year. (If you want to read about my trip to Chiang Mai last year, go to Chiang Mai trip day 3 & 4).

Keng took us for an ATV ride. It cost THB500 (RM50 / USD17) for 20 mins. The ones which is from 1 to 3 hours were very costly. So, we opted not to go. Muak Lek ATV is much cheaper.

Ethaniel & Joel absolutely loves riding through mud and water

The ATV track was flooded with water

After that, we went for lunch. Keng said that there is a very famous restaurant which serves Khao Soi. A very famous dish in Chiang Mai and similar to the Malaysia dish i.e. Mee Curry. It has noodles, preserved vegetables, fresh shallots and lime to go with it.

The preserved vegetables, shallot and lime to be put into Khao Soi

Ethaniel enjoying a pork satay and Khao Soi

The restaurant

The name of the restaurant, if you are ever at Chiang Mai. You will enjoy the food.

By the time we finished lunch, it was almost 12pm. We headed towards the Chiang Mai Zoo. We have not been there.  We went to the Night Safari, the last time.
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