Saturday, January 30, 2010






Peanut butter!


Before you run away with the idea that I was preparing my grocery list, I was not. The children were figuring out a name to call our new dog a.k.a new addition to the family. At last, there is an additional female in the house!!!

Let me present to you..... "Cheezy" our new Golden Retriever!!!!!! She is loving, adorable, friendly, cuddly and absolutely lovable! Its not a surprise that the children fell in love with her when they went to make their 'pick' her parent's home while she was just a few weeks old. I was away in Melbourne, Australia, at that time.

Having a dog is like having another baby around. Its loads of work. I resisted to the idea of having a dog but relented with the condition that the dog is wholly the children's responsibility namely, NOT ME.

I used to have my own dog of "no-breed-just-a-puppy-dumped-by-someone". She was a real smarty pantz for a "no-breed-just-a-puppy-dumped-by-someone" type of dog. Never pee-ed or poo-ed in the house. She ate exactly what we ate, except for the vegetables. Rice and meat, she walloped without any complains. No registerd collar. No vaccinations. No visits to the vet. Not neuter.... err.. that was a mistake. Anyways.

I was only a young inexperienced teenage girl. How time has passed.

Now, the cycle has come a full round. Its now my children's turn to pour unconditional love. My, my, what a journey its going to be ..... *shivers down my spine*

Cheezy, our new Golden Retriever puppy
who has been with us since 25 Jan 2010

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

"I wish that I had school today"

It was a Saturday.

"I wish that I had school today," exclaimed Joel.

The heads turned in slow motion toward this young man. Namely his parents. Shocked. Yes. Disbelief. Yes. Eyes popping out of our heads. Almost.

"Give me back my Son!!! Whoever you are. You are an alien intending to steal the body of my Son??!!! Give me back my Son!!!" I screamed in my head.

"Oh... really?" I remarked with an air of calmness *smiling*

Well, what do you know. He is loving his schooling experience. Its only been 2 weeks, of course.

Is it because of the little homework he gets daily? Maybe.

The bunch of nice teenage boys he is hanging out with? Maybe.

The experienced, friendly, not-too-strict Teachers he has? Or the "awesome" Math Teacher? High probability.

How about the yummy catered restaurant food he eats during lunch time? Yeah.. Could be.

How about the break he gets from his Little Brother while at school? Hmm... maybe not. I noticed that he enjoys torturing Ethaniel quite a bit.

How about the teh tarik, nasi lemak and small chats he has with his dear Ol' Mummy just before classes start (there is 1 hour to kill after I dropped Ethaniel to school and before Joel's classes begins)? Yes! That's the reason. He enjoys hanging out with his dear Ol' Mum on a daily basis just talking about the mundane things in life.

I should savor this moments, right?

"One teh tarik, please!"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Phew! No Need to Rush & Vacate

Guess what? I received information that I don't have to leave my current rented home by 1st April *dancing around the room*

I was pretty stressed due to the short timeline for renovation and moving out. But now, at least I have a little more time especially for unforeseen hiccups (hopefully none).

I also have news that The Tenant currently renting my new house will be leaving before the end of January 2010. Looks like everything is slowly but surely falling into place.

Now, I just have to sort out the Contractors and MBSA Approval for the house renovation. Quite a hassle, I must admit.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New House Update

Wild cockatoo on the beach in Batesman Bay, South Coast NSW, Australia

The status of our house? Nothing much, honestly.

The lawyers mentioned that we should be getting the keys by Chinese New Year, which probably means sometime in mid February 2010. But I wouldn't bet on it. The Tenant is still there. I hope he will leave soon...

There are heaps of preparation before that for the purpose of renovation.

I have been contacting contractors, getting quotations, making out designs and blah blah blah.. A lot of hard work. The cost seems pretty scary too.

I bet the birds does not have to worry so much about renovation when they build their nest.

Now, I am envious.

Seagulls at Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia...
Bet they didn't have to spend loads of money building their nest

Latest Update:

I wrote the above post a few days ago and just received information from my current Landlord's Agent. She is also a friend. Apparently there is a buyer for this house and we are requested to vacate by 1st March. Which I said, was impossible! We might be getting our keys in mid Feb but there is no guarantee. Renovation should take between 1.5 - 2 months. Which means, it should be roughly completed by mid April. That is if there are no hiccups or delay. Wow, such short timeline. No wonder I can feel my blood pressure rising.... After some negotiation, 1st April. I have to vacate by then.

This is beginning to get very stressful.....

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Monday, January 18, 2010

You Are My Best Friend

"You and My Sister are my best friends," Ethaniel related the words of the Little Girl, his new classmate. Just two weeks in school and he has smitten this cute little girl.

I like to ask him about his daily school experience. Most of the time, he will say, "I cannot remember." But when he does, he usually have some cute stuff to relate.


"Lunch was disgusting!!! I need tasty food. I have taste buds!!!" Ethaniel says it with such dramatics and wrinkled expression while relating his lunch prepared by the school..., "We had brown rice, chicken, carrots and potatoes. The chicken was OK but the rest was disgusting!!"

The Teacher told me that Ethaniel went to her 3 times to ask if he has to finish his rice... then the potatoes....and then the banana. He obediently finished them by mixing the banana and the brown rice. Hmm... interesting combination.

This Little Girl whom Ethaniel has smitten is a very cute twins of mix parentage. Chinese + Caucasian. Very friendly. Usually smiles and waves to me whenever I pick him up. Warms my heart to know that he is so loved and adored by his mates. Well, who wouldn't? He is sooooo cute and loving.

And I am not biased. After all, Mothers are NEVER biased towards their children. Right? Let me see a show of hands out there.

The Teacher also said that Ethaniel is such a blessing and so cute. His classmates really enjoys him and she is so glad to have him in the school. Wow! What nice things to say about my little boy. I hope he keeps up with his good behaviour and not show his true color in the 2nd month.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Lagging Behind in Blogging

A type of poisonous jelly fish. It puffs up like a balloon. Found it on the beach along Batesman Bay, South Coast NSW, Australia (not related to this post :-)

I feel guilty.


I feel bad.

Well, its regards to this blog. Unfortunately I have been neglecting it.

Joel, my Older Son, commented that I used to update my blog almost everyday... but now... far and wide the gap of the regularity of my blog posts. As a result, this-ardent-fan-of-my-blog a.k.a Joel, my Older Son, seldom visit.


I should try to write more. After all, both of them are off to school and I should have some time to myself... In theory that sounds nice, unfortunately, I have not had opportunities for a 2 hours massage, spa or facial. Hmm... could it be the huge hole their schooling are burning into my wallet hole. Could be. High possibility. Or is it that I just need some scapegoat for my lack of desire to pamper myself. Hmmm... I am thinking. No resolution.

I have sooooo many blog posts outstanding. My Australia trip. 19 days, only 1 post. So disappointing. Thailand trip. 11 days. Nobody knows. Haha. Have not even drafted 1 post! I am obviously lagging behind in the blogging world.

I will get down to all those post, I think. I just need to finish up some work piling up at my part time job. You know, the one I blogged about in April 09, you can read it here.

One thing is for sure... I am enjoying the pace of my life. It used to be hurried, haphazard, rushy, stressful, time management, time management and some more time management (which I was lousy at)... How does someone manage cleaning, housekeeping, cooking, marketing, running errands, laundry, going for bible studies, raising 2 active boys, homeschooling and working part time, all at the same time? *wipe sweat from forehead*

The answer is somewhere hidden with God.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ethaniel Off To School

Since a few months ago, I knew that Joel's education would be settled. So, I just had Ethaniel to worry about.

About 1 month ago, a homeschooling Mother advertised that she was going to open up a learning centre. So, I did meet up with her and was happy with the prospect that Ethaniel will be in good hands of such an experienced teacher.

Unfortunately it did not materialize and I knew about it a day before I had to send him. I was out of the country for almost 1 month - the whole of December 2009. A little dazed, I knew there is something better for him.... On the same day, I discovered another learning centre and called up. It was promising and even better than the 1st one.

To summarise it, Ethaniel has been going to this place for 1 week from 5 - 9 Jan and he totally LOVES it. He has made some very nice little friends. He is also learning well. He has some complain about the lunch but other than that, he is having heaps of fun.

"I am very sure that I want to go to this school. For sure. Until I am big." Ethaniel said with such joy on his face.

I am just a blissful Mother!!!

Both the boys are enjoying school so much. What more can I ask for?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nervous, Scared & Excited!!

Mother and Son was nervous.

Probably Mum was more nervous. Not exactly sure, it was difficult to tell.

At 13+ years old, this is his 1st day at formal school. Not exactly formal. Its a learning centre. He is preparing for O Levels Cambridge... for the nex 3.5 years. There were 17 others boys and girls who was probably as nervous as him.

"I am so nervous, scared and excited all at the same time!!!" Joel exclaimed just the night before. He has been expecting to start his classes on 4 Jan 2010, since 3 months ago. Emotionally he is prepared, I think.

Today, Friday, after attending classes for a whole week, Joel has declared that school was, "Awesome!!" He is really enjoying his subjects, especially Math, because of the Teacher. The Teacher is an exceptionally good teacher. Science will be conducted at the Zoo next week. Seems like heaps of fun and practical learning moments.

He has sports curriculum on Thursdays and a Badminton Coach has been engaged for those students who would like to learn the basics. Well, he is going for that. He had heaps of fun and I was joining another Mother at the other side of the courts, just for fun. Even Ethaniel has agreed to go under the Coach. This is a good thing. At least, I don't have to make additional effort of getting a Coach for him in the future.

This marks the end of my journey as a Homeschooling Mother. 2010. A start of a new journey, new season. I have been homeschooling since Joel was 5 years old. He is now 13+ years old. That was 8 years ago...

Time to move on.

But to what?