Monday, November 30, 2009

VBS aka Vacation Bible School

This year, Ethaniel went to VBS by himself. Initially, he had wanted Joel to join him. He almost does not want to go anywhere without his evil twin aka Joel. Unfortunately, the evil twin felt that since he has 13 years old, he is far too old for VBS. Ahem.. ahem... Oh well. Let it be. So, Ethaniel refused to go too.

I didn't force the issue. Eventhough I knew he will go... somehow.

The Children Church did a good job of advertising and selling the VBS to the kids. So, he signed up. From 24 to 26 Nov 2009, Tue to Thur, he was there from 8.30 to 5pm. He had a good time eventhough he was tired out everyday! Haha. They really know how to tire out these little children. Good job!

26 Nov, being the last day of the VBS, they went to Petronas Science. (It was also Ethaniel's birthday. So, I told him that we will celebrate his birthday some other day. Which he agreed). I was talking to him in the car about his day and he told me that they had Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch. He was so hungry that he not only ate his whole meal but had additional 2 pcs of chicken! 4 pcs for this small little fella???!! Apparently, he went around asking for more chicken, some were willing to "donate" and he ended up having enough to eat. My goodness! There is a bottomless pit somewhere in there. By the way, I feel tickled just imagining this boy going from table to table asking for more.

Obviously this boy will survive with or without his Mother or his evil twin.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Number 9

I was just reading through my previous blog and discovered that today, 27 Nov 2009, 9 months ago, we returned home to Malaysia. My, my... how time passes by.

I have not had the chance to sit down and think through what has been happening. All I know it that too many things have happened and is happening. No time to even catch a breath.

Life has just been crazy.

It's been constant change and the year 2010 is going to be even more changes. When I get to sit down and write, I will do that, I think.

By the way, I noticed that the number "9" has been creeping up a lot lately....

  • The number of our new house is No. 9,
  • this month is the 9th month of us being back to Malaysia,
  • also on this 9th month, we purchased our new house,
  • the number 9.9.09 is suppose to be a significant number for this year,
  • I saw the huge number "9" on the church bulletin front page, the day I asked Pastor Mark & Rose to pray for our house (if we should purchase it or not)

Being curious, I went into the internet to search the meaning of number "9":

  • marks the end; and is significant of the conclusion of a matter.
  • end of man, and the summation of all man's works. Nine is, therefore, the number of finality or judgment.
  • grace and finality.
  • The ordained, fullness of God's plan
  • Nine is also most noticeably a transitional number, being the last of the digits. Prophetically, as such, it may mark the end of an era

What does it really mean to me? That, I am not sure.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday, Ethaniel!

Happy 8th Birthday, Ethaniel!

Oh my goodness... It was not so long ago you were just a small baby. Now, how you have grown. I still call you a baby because you are my baby, the last one.... There will not be another baby after you...

You have brought so much of joy and laughter in your 8 years of life. A lot of irritation, annoyance and pain too. But the joy has out-weight the "inconveniences" you brought.

Don't be deceived by that new born innocent-look. Since the day he was born, whenever he is hungry, he screams his lungs out!!! His face turns red and his umbilical cord puffs up. "Very healthy lungs" commented the Doctor tactfully.

Ethaniel had "octopus" hands because eventhough he only had a pair of hands, he was into EVERYTHING. Drawers, containers, cupboards and everything within his reach were not spared. He had special obsession for batteries and toothbrushes.

He took his own sweet time to talk but his personality was of obvious bubbly, joyful and gutsy. Has a compassion of a saint, sensitive heart of a Mother, persistence of a 2 years old and independence of a teenager.

A rare grumbling look. So cute, huh? Well, not when its directed at me (which often is the case). He keeps nothing in his heart. As transparent as a can be, he speaks his mind - good or bad!

Thank you for being yourself. I wouldn't exchange you for anything, except maybe all the wealth in the world, oh.. oh... I mean, nothing. All the wealth will be meaningless, if I do not have you in my life.

I will also not change a single thing about you... well, except, that you don't bug me too much, be more diligent in your studies, eat less sweet stuffs, tone down on your passion for cats and dogs and those wet kisses on my cheeks, just keep it coming.

What a handsome boy you have turned out to be.... To match those looks are a real loving, compassionate and a heart of gold. I have been so blessed to have been given you, as a Son

Monday, November 23, 2009

Have You Had One of Those Days? Part 2

Incident #4

I took the kids to the shopping mall and upon reversing my cute little MYVI into a parking space, I heard my reverse sensor beeping. Thinking that I was too near to the next car, I quickly drove forward to make another attempt at re-parking.

Then suddenly, before I could reverse in, someone drove into my parking spot!!!! A huge red pick up truck. So, I horned him to let him know that he parked on my spot. But he made no signs of driving out. I had to quickly make some decisions:

  1. Sit in the car and feel really upset
  2. Drive off to another spot and feel really upset
  3. Come back later to puncture his tyre and feel great
  4. Come back later to make some interesting graffiti on his windows, which will also make me feel great
  5. Give him a piece of my mind and still feel upset but not as bad

OK... I had 5 seconds to react....

I decided to do thought #5. I parked my car on the side, at the same time observe if this fella has a ring on his nose, tattoos on his arms and bodyguards by the side. Oh goodie, none of it.

I proceeded to knock on the passenger window and told him that it's my carpark. He gave the stupidest excuse I have ever heard (according to me) ..., "Did you put on your signal light?" and I answered, "So what?". It was clear that even a toad could see that I was reversing into the parking space. Duh?!!! Blah blah blah and some more blah. If he had intentions to leave, he wouldn't have taken the spot in the first place. It was clear that he was not leaving. But I had wanted to give him my piece of mind. And I did.

I decided to give one last shot and said to the girl he was with, "Eh, you don't marry this fella. He is not a gentleman. Take a woman's parking spot". Of course, if he was not in such a hurry to leave, I might wanted to say more. After all, I was on a row....

Not so long ago, I usually react by moving to another parking spot and feel really upset. And then, I grew up and now I stand up for myself. I also wanted my children to know that they should not behave like that lousy fella. Its not right to take someone's "things" aka car park, intentionally or accidentally. At the same time, stand up for what you believe. Don't take crab when you need to stand up for what is right even if you are alone. Don't have to walk with the crowd.

I hope that "lesson" from me would have shook the fella and stop him from "stealing parking spaces" in future. He must have done it before and being Asians, most of us would brush it off and say that its a waste of time even trying to talk to bullies like that. Maybe. Maybe not. The next time you see this red pick up truck and if he ever attempts to take your parking spot, remember to give him your piece of mind. Not too large a piece, just enough to stand up for what is right.

Incident # 5

The cashier counter at MPH Book Sale had problems when I went to pay. After waiting for 10 minutes, I decided to pay cash instead of credit card.

Why me?????!!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Have You Had One of Those Days? Part 1

I had a series of mishaps or "bad luck" (BTW, I don't believe in luck) incidences which was totally annoying, to say the least. You know, the feeling that nothing goes right. Everything seems and somehow feels that it WILL go wrong. When moments like that happens, I feel like locking myself in the house. Not that it will help. For all I know, the lock breaks down (which it did).

Its not major like the roof came down or I killed the neighbor's cat or something to that effect.

Have you had one of those days?

Well, it all started last week .... *back in time music*

Incident # 1

I was at the Macy Annual Sale 2009. Being the 1st day, Thursday, it was packed!!! Doesn't anyone work at 11am on a Thursday??! Or is it that all the Homemakers are out of the house (like me) and have decided to help the household budget by buying stuffs at a sale and save money (like me).

I was struggling to queue at the counter, while lugging two huge boxes of "goodies" (like Santa Claus). Its the lousiest queue I have ever been on. Like one of those queue at the NKVE highway during public holidays... Two lines which eventually end up at the same payment counter. Not realising that this was the case, I was standing for 30 mins with the afternoon heat and sweat. Well, you get the idea, it was not a beautiful sight.

Then, I changed queue and after 5 mins of waiting, they shut down the queue. What? I was asked to go next door to pay. There, I waited an additional 15 mins and when it was my turn to pay, the counter had problems with the computer.... Aaarrrggghhh! Anything else???!!! Bring it on, baby!

Incident #2

After returning home from the Macy Annual Sale 2009, I realised that they had over-charged me. Yaiks! In my hurry to get home after the sweat, heat and 1 hour of waiting at the check out cashier, I had forgotten to check my bill.

Guess what? I had to go back there again, the next day.... and not only I managed to get back my monies, but I also helped the household budget by purchasing even more stuffs.

Save money by buying.

You know, what I mean? We women are great at that, its a skill perfected through the great examples set by our Mothers and her Mother before her and it goes on......

Incident #3

Some of you might have read my blog post a few months ago, that I have started working part time. The Company provide Adventure Program to Christian groups. So, we had this particular group which was scheduled to have a program on a Saturday but due to some problems at a certain department, they had to work during that weekend. So, on Thursday afternoon at about 3pm, I received an email, requesting to postpone the program.


First of all, its not a good idea to cancel the program on such a short notice i.e. 1 day. A lot of planning had gone into it. Secondly, earlier there were various changes on the venue, as a result, the activities had to change, so more planning had gone into it. Thirdly, the Instructors are all volunteers and would have sacrificed their weekend to block this date and now the cancellation.

Its just bad.

Especially, when I have to be the bearer of bad news.... informing the team of the postponement *bad feeling in the pit of the stomach*

To top the icing on the cake, the client didn't pay up, yet. That would have been my job. I asked them to pay, but they didn't (Irrelevant. Even if I engaged the services of Ah Long (thugs who "make" creditors pay their debts), its still my job to ensure clients pay-up). I will never know if they would have postponed the program if they had paid up (Again, irrelevant since it had already happen).


Stay tuned for more upcoming mishaps ......

Thursday, November 19, 2009

House Hunting - Part 3

I told my boys that if I have extra cash after the renovation of the house, I will ask the carpenter to build them a tree house in the piece of land, just in front of the house. What a joy to be able to play in a treehouse whilst staying in the city!

You see, when I was a small little girl, we had a tree house. A make-shift one, with few pieces of wooden planks plopped on top of the tree. I remembered those times when I used to climb trees. It was great fun. I had often wished that for my 2 boys but it was difficult to get such opportunities, especially when we stay in the city. Now, it seems that God is granting my wish for my boys. The joy of childhood.

How about a simple little tree house?

Nice tree house... A great design

If I have this tree house, I wouldn't even want to go back home!

Joel, my 13 years old son is so excited with the idea of moving to the new house that he tells me EVERYDAY! He has plans of playing BB gun wars in that small little jungle! Both of them have drawn up the plans for their tree house and fantasized about what they will do there.

Well, not only the children have been fantasizing and planning, so, have I. Thinking of ideas to be done to the house has taken quite a portion of my time.

With limited budget for the renovation, I will be busy looking for bargains. Well, I will have a few months to compare prices and to continue to look out for bargains.

Lastly, I want to thank God for providing a miraculous house to us at a great price. I hope to be able to pass on the house to my grand-children. Haha. Such long term planning, eh? It would be great to see my grand children playing on the same tree house, their daddy had. Here I go dreaming again......

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

House Hunting - Part 2

At one point in time, it was so frustrating that we almost purchased a house which was a whopping half-a-million and it was just a double storey link house of 24 x 75!

We made various mistakes in the purchase of our previous home that I didn't want to repeat the same mistake this time round. So, I seek counsel from various people e.g. real estate agent friends, personal friends, my Pastor and his wife, my sister in law and even my Mother. Eventhough it was really confusing hearing many different comments/views but there is safety and wisdom in the multitude of counselor, as written in the book of Proverbs in the bible. I know that at times, our arrogance and pride stops us from wanting to hear what others have to say, especially if it contradicts what we want. Humility is the way to go!

There were various times when I went 'house shopping' with my friend, M. It was cute, 2 homemakers sitting in a car driving around, calling Agents, staring into houses, undecided where to go and even ended up at another friend's place chatting for 2 hours!

There was a particular time when I was talking on the mobile phone and an Agent asked me, "What is your budget?" and I replied, "Less than RM500K", knowing full well, that most of the properties were ranging RM400K and up. Even with half a million, it wouldn't be "the best" they have.

M gave me a nudge and said, "RM350K!!!".

I gave her a passing look. Not daring to stare in disbelief. But in my heart, I thought that she obviously have not been shopping for houses as long as I have. I have not heard of a corner unit house that cost RM350K. Its ridiculously silly to even have suggested it! But of course, not wanting to offend her, I kept that thought to myself.

Unknowingly to me, not her, this woman spoke out of faith. It was an impression that God gave to her. Obviously my faith was not up to her level. I couldn't believe God for a miracle... "Forgive me, God". Well, that's the reason why I asked her for help. So that eventhough this little "hard ears" of mine is unable to hear God, I will still not miss His best for me. Everybody needs help now and then....

A few days later, I contacted an Agent that took me around to view some houses. He brought me to 2 houses which I felt, I could shortlist. The 1st one, was a fully renovated corner house at RM500K. It was renovated to my taste but it was slowly breaking down, being almost 10 years old. The next house was an endlot with land but was a basic unit. A little rundown because it is 10 years old and has been tenanted all these while. The disadvantage to this place is the surau which was diagonally situated in front of the house. Will it be noisy? But its an affordable RM360K. Hmm.....

It took us another 1-2 weeks to decide on purchasing the house, after viewing another dozen or so houses, sitting outside the surau to 'test' the sound of the 'singing', if its bearable.

At last, I think that the house by the surau was what we were looking for and a good price to go with it. The Seller also reduced the price of the house to exactly RM350K, no more and NO LESS (we tried).

We paid our downpayment on 11 Nov 2009.

You see, that house by the surau (mini mosque) had all the criteria which we wanted. Not only that, it faced a piece of land which will not be developed because it is neither big nor small. I enjoy the view of the huge trees and the many papaya trees planted by the current tenant.

To be continued .................

Sunday, November 15, 2009

House Hunting - Part 1

We have been house hunting for many months now. Its been tiring and frustrating!

We couldn't decide where to live!! We were shopping mainly at Putra Heights, Subang Jaya and Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. Well, there were no shortage of houses to choose but unfortunately, we had a budget to stick to.

Honestly, the price of houses were almost ridiculously expensive, in my opinion. A double storey link house was going for RM450K to RM580K. Let's not even mention about corner units. The funny part was, people were buying them like hot-cakes!! If you take more than a few days to decide, its gone! Taken! Purchased!

I used to drive around these housing area, looking at "For Sale" signboards and would have spent hundreds of ringgit calling up Agents. It was a tiring affair but yet, I persevered knowing that there is a house specially stacked away somewhere by God, just for our little family.

I had my little "wish list" ....

  1. Quiet area, away from city buzzing and traffic jam
  2. Convenient to major destinations for children activities and Hubby's office
  3. Guarded, for safety reasons
  4. With heaps of greenery
  5. Ample parking space
  6. Not facing another house
  7. Housing area which is children friendly e.g. playground, not many passing traffic
  8. Preferably a corner or endlot with land
  9. Not overly large or small but comfortable for a family of 4
  10. Good buy and affordable

Is there such a house tugged away somewhere?

To be continued ........

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Babies & Shoes

I was baby-sitting my niece who was 1.5 years old. Whilst travelling in the car, there was a bad traffic jam and she was not used to sitting in the baby car seat. Infact, it was her first time. I know, blame it on my brother.

Little Ji Ann, began to cry. The screaming, deafening, sharp kinda cry. As we were in the car with all the windows, it didn't really help.

After 15 mins of cry....

Joel: Aaarrrgghhh... I can't take it anymore! *frustration*

Me: *trying to pacify Little Ji Ann by giving her toys to play*

Joel turned to me and said the following....

Joel: Its OK for her to cry for 3 mins but for 10 mins, she will be tasting her shoes!!!

*shocked reaction from Mum*