Sunday, February 28, 2010


Today marks my last working day at my part-time job.

A sense of relieve.

But the next few months is going to see me busy buzzing around due to my house renovation, packing, moving and unpacking.

Such a hassle, honestly.

But I am so happy to be leaving this rented property to my own humble home. A small little house, I am looking forward to call home. Infact, everyone at home is looking forward to it. It was especially compounded when I caught another rat which sized like a little cat.

The next few months is going to see me through numerous changes.

Career change.

Face-lift for new house.

Moving house.

Enjoying a new house.

Maybe new job.

I should stop making too many changes within such a short period of time. Why should I get all the excitement, right?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We have been going for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) for the last 10 months.

I usually do the homework with Ethaniel and we are currently studying the Book of John.

We read John 1:12-13

12Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God— 13children born not of natural descent,c]">[c] nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God.

Ethaniel broke into, "Wow! Wow! Wow! Born of God! Wow! Wow! I am born of God!"

I was a little puzzled at his excitement till I read the verses again.... Well, isn't it amazing? I missed it. I missed the point while this 8+ years old boy understood it completely.

Me, of little understanding that He had to impress a little 8+ years old to remind me.

I am born of God.

That is a miracle.

Indeed it is.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cheezy Then & Now

Cheezy at 3 weeks old. Sad to say that I missed the opportunity to
cuddle her at this age. I was away when the children visited her
for the 1st time. So cuteeeeee....

Joel cuddling Cheezy

Ethaniel cuddling Cheezy

Cheezy is now 4 months old. She looks matured and no more "puppy fats"

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to all my

Family & Friends.

Blessings in Abundance

for the year of Tiger!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Its The Season Again

Chinese New Year is around the corner. I had to remind myself, what I did last year....


We were in Bangkok, Thailand. The Thais do not celebrate Chinese New Year in a grand way. There are some deco in China Town but other than that, majority of the Thais celebrate festival like Songkran and etc.

Anyway, last year, we were preparing to return home to Malaysia in February. So, it would not have been possible to return to Malaysia in late January, just for Chinese New Year.

I had to look into my blog archives to re-collect. A plus point for owning a blog and updating it.

How time flies.

The children is eagerly waiting for Chinese New Year to collect Ang Pows (red packets) filled with money.

The joys of childhood.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dogs Are Hardwork

Ethaniel in a dilemma, holding a plastic bag...
To scoop or not to scoop... That is the question

Nobody has to tell me that dogs are hardwork, I used to take care of mine all throughout my teenage life. But obviously, the Boys are finding it out now.

Its not unusual to hear the following in our household these days...

"I picked up 7 piles of poops yesterday. Its now your turn to scoop it up!" (Blue)

"So?" (Red)

"So, its your turn to pick up the poops!"(Blue)

"But... I will vomit. Its so smelly"

"I don't care! Its your turn to scoop it up!"

And it goes on and on and the poop is there, unscooped.

Cheezy's poo

Do you think I should open up a stall to sell dog manure. Anyone wants 1kg of poop?

You wanna guess who's conversations are those in red and blue?

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Worth a million dollars

Now that Joel is going to school, he has friends of his age. Teenagers. That word might reek fear in some parents.

While Joel is in his teenage-hood, Ethaniel is emerging from his toddler-hood and barely in his boyhood (eventhough he will always be my baby), I didn't realise the adjustment both of them is going through. Previously, both of this boys were in the same world. But now, the environment seems to threaten it. Not necessary bad. Just different.

This happened in the car the other day.....

"Ethaniel, can you please behave normally infront of my friends? Don't make your shoulder funny or talk too much (as if that is possible)" complained Joel.

"I am not!!!" denied Ethaniel.

"My friend said that you talk too much and said that you complained about something" continued Joel like a dog not letting go of its bone.

"I do not!" said Ethaniel, his face now flushed. If it goes any longer, he might even start to tear.

They have been going to and fro and I knew that its a job for Mummy to butt in. We are obviously going nowhere with this....

I told Ethaniel to tone down when Joel's friends are around. Obviously some of his behaviours are causing embarrassment to him, this teenager. I also told Joel that he needed to understand that Ethaniel likes to talk. Its going to be impossible for him to be quiet. After all, I am his Mummy, I know that is impossible, unless he is asleep or his mouth is stuffed with food.

I had to ask Joel.

"Why didn't you stand up for your brother?" I felt annoyed.

"I did. I told them not to complain about my brother. And they don't. Not anymore" exclaimed Joel.

At that instant, I felt like jumping on him and giving him a hundred kisses. But of course, I couldn't, I was driving. So, I pat him on the head and ruffled his hair.

"I am proud of you for standing up for your brother", I said, beaming.

You should have seen the contented smile on my face and the warmth in my heart.

Worth a million dollars....

All the memories of their rolling on the bed, hitting each other, roughing it out, arguing loudly in the car, annoying their Mummy with this constant boy-play was momentarily erased... Bliss for a few seconds...