Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Detoxify: Day 9 to 14

Read my earlier post on Master Cleanse, Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3-8.

For health purposes, its best to go on minimum of 10 days.  For some reason.

So, I am going to do at least 10 days which just ended.


I am challenged to continue because I have not lost the weight that I had expected and because I am not having much difficulty extending it.

Infact, I find that my mind is more focused and I can think better.  Without all the carbohydrate as an obstacle.

But how much longer?

Well the how much longer has been answered when on the 14th day, I kinda cheated.  Its not supposed to be like that.  But.  Anyways.

The whole detoxifying experience has been mostly pleasant.  And surprisingly achievable.  It was easier than I expected.   I was not too tired, not too hungry, not too obsessed thinking about food and going without solid food for 14 days was a great achievement.  A personal record.

I lost a total of 10 pounds.  Not bad.

The Master Cleanse program is encourage to be done every 4-6 months.

Now, will I do it again?

You bet!!!

How about you?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Detoxify: Day 3 to 8

To read Master Cleanse, Day 1, Day 2.

They always say that the 1st 3 days of fasting or abstaining from food are usually the hardest.  I could not agree more.

After the 2nd day of going on this Master Cleanse program, everything is pretty routine.  Almost ritualistic.

The killing part of the whole thing is having to cook meals for hours and not being able to eat it!!!!  The smell of the food really annoys me!  Not for any reason other than that I cannot taste it...

A word of advice on purchasing sugar cane.  If you are buying fresh sugar cane, it has to be refrigerated within 3 hours.  Of course its good to keep it frozen but that makes it difficult to drink.  What I do is to immediately refrigerate it upon purchase (freshly 'squeezed') and get at least 3 jugful.  It usually last me 2 days before I have to go and buy again.

Going to the toilet 300 times a day and having to look for one, almost everywhere I go are the annoying part of drinking bottles and bottles of water.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I almost wet myself!  Especially in the car!  So, try to hang around the toilet.  Safe yourself from turning blue.  If not, bring along some diapers ;-)

On the 8th day of the Detox, I noticed a sensitive patch of skin near my face suddenly disappeared.  That was amazing.  I didn't know it concerned my diet.  But anyway, I was happy.  My friends commented on my skin and how it 'glows'.  So, can you imagine the junk I have been consuming which is called Food?

I can say that the Lemonade concoction has been really helpful in giving me energy.  With enough intake of it, I can go through the day without much difficulty.  Not even having to fantasize about food.  You know what I mean....  I have not thought about it...... much.   I am human, OK?

So, have you thought about joining me on this program?

Come on, you can do it!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Detoxify: Day 2

The Lemonade with Sugar Cane is actually a delicious drink. The cayenne pepper adds a spicy flavour to it. The Lemonade covers the actual flavour of the sugarcane.

Today I did the same routine as yesterday.

Drank one litre of salt solution. The night before, I drank a laxative tea aka slimming tea. That woke me at about 6am. To... you know what. I had to sit there for at least 30 mins. So naturally I took something to read.

I still drank heaps of water to take away the hunger pang which doesn't really wants to go away. Shoo!! Go away!

Today was much better than Day 1 because I replaced the drink with Sugar Cane rather than water mix with maple syrup.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Detoxify: Day 1

I started the morning by drinking 1 litre of water with 2 teaspoons of sea salt. That is suppose to flush the system.

Then the concoction of lemonade, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. It tasted OK. Then immediately gargled my mouth. Apparently the lemon is bad for my teeth. I will do that each time when I drink the lemonade concoction.

Each time I feel hungry, I will drink The Lemonade. So on this day, I drank 6 glasses of it.

Actually, the maple syrup and water can be replace with sugar cane. I was overjoyed! Its delicious!

Today was tough because my body was adjusting to no food. The water bill must be sky high this month, at the rate I am gobbling down water. That's the only way I can fool my hungry stomach.

No food means loosing the joy of living. So, do I eat to live or live to eat? No. Please don't answer the question.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Detoxify: Master Cleanse

All the hype about cleansing and detoxification. Its a huge industry. I personally find it quite a hassle. Some of it just too complicated.

So naturally I have not done a serious one, till now.

I was reading someone's blog and she was doing this program called master cleanse. I did some research and found it simple enough to do it. Even the concoction sounds delicious!

So two days later I was full fledged on the journey of having my body rid of toxins, feel and look healthier and hopefully loosing some weight. That's the motivation!

I will blog about it and maybe motivate some of you to join me...

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Congratulations, Sis!

My Elder Sister who have been studying for her Social Works studies for the past 4 years just took her finals.

She did extremely well and was eventually invited to do an Honours program with the University.

Her finals result came out and she had gotten First Class Honours!!!


Woo hoo!

Well done, Sis!

You deserved it.

So that's where all the family brains went to.

Yes, that's my Sis.

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