Monday, May 10, 2010

Renovation Update: Day 22 to 27

Sorry for having very little update lately on my Renovation. I have been really really busy. At the end of everyday, I am so pooped that when I reached home at about 8pm everyday, I just hit the bed. Literally.

I have decided to put more photos on my update on my picasa online album so that you can see more photos of it.

To read and view photos of my house update from Day 22 to 27, click here.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mission Possible

The house is almost completed. Yes, almost.

You know, the feeling when you get at a meal. When you think you are almost full but you can still stomach something. A dessert for sure but also something else (like the food the person sitting next to you is enjoying).

Well, the house is almost completed.

Its still a work-in-progress.

We don't have much of a choice but to move in soon. Our current rented place has new owners who would like to take possession by 15 May 2010. So, just like how urgent we were in taking ownership of our property, the new owners here also are looking forward to "do up" their new home.

So, ready or not, we are moving.


There are bits here and there to be done but we do have 1 perfectly working toilet.

Kitchen cabinets to be coming in on Monday (hopefully).

Air-cond to be installed on Monday or Tuesday.

The modus operandi is....

Clean up the house....

Pack. Pack. Pack.

Move the house in stages .... maybe one lorry load a day....

Totally out by Friday, 14 May 2010.

You will see Mission Possible unveiled before your eyes.... Ta Da!

Father and Son at work... Mostly Father doing the work...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Job's Friend

Due some recent events happening in my life and out of frustration with myself, I expressed it to my older son, Joel during our regular breakfast sessions.

Me: I feel like kicking myself.... Sometimes, I just feel like kicking myself...

Joel: Do you need any help?

Me: *blink blink*

There you have it, a complete replica of Job's Friend (Job from the Bible who had lousy friends who were not helpful at all in his time of need).

Just what I need....

I still feel like kicking myself.... and him too.