Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 2 - On The Road Again.... To Chiang Mai

To read Day 1 - Onward to Tak, Thailand

After some consideration, I have decided to blog my trip according to chronological date. At least its more systematic and to ensure that I miss nothing.

I managed to post Day 1 - Onward to Tak, Thailand on 16 Dec, 08. So, at least one is out of the way. I also posted some photos at Tak, Thailand.

If you read my post at Lansang National Park, you will note that I did something really crazy. Yes, I jumped into the cold freezing water. I did it because I promised Joel that I will jump in after him. Since he did his part by being brave, I definitely could not back down from my promise. The weather was pretty cold and the water coming down from the waterfall was like frozen ice water.

Just before the jump "look"

As a result of my adventurous and silly promise, I had a bad cold throughout the 2 weeks trip. Actually, I was already down with some soar throat but that was about it. But now the chill from the swim really made the cold turn COLD.

Ethaniel having a hot cup of Ovaltine in the morning

We woke up early to pack, had breakfast and then to a quick walk along the trail beside the waterfall. The walk was pleasant, about 15 mins. Refreshing and breathtaking. A real beautiful sight to behold. It was enjoyable, especially with the cool weather.

I know, I know, I have not always been a very law abiding person. I tried. Unfortunately this time I failed. I could not resist climbing. It was a challenging task but very fulfilling.

We could not stay long because we had to head towards Chiang Mai to pick up some stuff and Khun Rat and head towards Chiang Dao to officially begin our Mission Trip. It was easily a 4 hours drive towards Chiang Mai. By the time we arrived at Chiang Mai, it was almost 2pm. We had a quick lunch, picked Khun Rat, unloaded some stuffs and headed towards Chiang Dao.

Its a normal practice for Mary to go to the local market to purchase some fruits, vegetables and groceries to be taken to the Children Hostel whenever she visits them in Chiang Dao. So, we did. I bought some BBQ chicken as a treat. One which they seldom have. Great timing, we arrived around dinner time... about 5.30pm. It was getting dark...

That night we had a meeting at Pastor Somboon's house located at the Palong village. It was a cold night. The church hut would be too cold. Khun Rat shared for about 30-45 mins and would continue the rest of it tomorrow night.

Dancing together, praising God. These villagers and children so readily dance and sing without being shy. While my two boys were hiding at a corner....

We spent a night in Pastor Somboon's house, just like what we did, the last time. We had our sleeping bag, which kept us warm and we skipped our shower. There was no water heater. No one in their right mind is going to shower!!! Not me for sure! Incidentally Khun Rat had one. Hats off to her!

Our sleeping area. All of us brought our sleeping bag. It was cold but we were comfortably warm

Ethaniel fooling around before going to bed

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Laundry, Cleaning, Cooking...

I woke up early this morning. There were heaps of laundry. It was easily 5 loads into the washing machine. Phew! Its two weeks worth of laundry, plus thick winter clothes.

I have loads of photos to sort out and figuring the best way to blog about my trip... Anyway, I will write as much as I can. It has been physically exhausting both the trip and also the cleaning up.

Its nice to be able to cook and eat some home cooked meals after 2 weeks of eating out.

By the way, thanks for dropping by while I was away. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your holidays.

I am Back!

I have just returned, a few hours ago, from a two weeks of travelling all over Thailand. The children and I are very tired.

Will update you later on the trip. As for now, I need to do some cleaning, laundry and rest.

Sorry I have not updated my blog in the last week. Thanks for coming by!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Playing UNO

Note that everyone is in sweaters and jackets except Ethaniel who is just wearing a t-shirt and short. My goodness! He is generating heat all by himself! *shivering*

After an evening meeting the girls from the tribal village of Lahu came over to our small little house where we were to sleep for the night.

Ethaniel wanted to play UNO and I thought that it would be nice to include the girls. So, I taught them the game with my limited Thai language. They are fast learners!!

They picked up the game almost immediately. Everyone joined in the game, including Joel. Who won the game....

I was just thinking to myself... What do you know, introducing UNO game to a bunch of tribal girls in the middle of nowhere.... Really cool, eh? It is so cool that its freezing in this village...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Photos at Lansang National Park, Tak

As promised in my earlier post, these are the photos of our trip at Langsang National Park. There is going to be two parts to it.

Trying to push each other into the water.

Ethaniel and Joel in sweaters... After that, into the water!!! Very cold water...

All of us hiking up to the water fall

I can fly! I can fly!
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Sorry I have not been able to update my blog.

I was at a Mission Trip in the Palong Village in Chiang Dao, North Thailand and they had no mobile phone signal. Therefore, I was unable to go online. Imagine, 3 days and 2 nights without internet. I almost had withdrawal symptoms *cold sweat*

As of today, we arrived back to Chiang Mai town at around 5pm. Checked into our accommodation, took a good shower (you should have seen the thick layer of dust we washed off) and walked the famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

I have just arrived back and hitting the laptop to update you the happenings on my side.

The last few days has been really exciting. Tell you about it later.

BTW, sorry I have not been coming by your blog. Will visit once I get the chance.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Onwards to Tak, Thailand

15 December 2008, Monday

We started our journey this morning at 9.20am. Our two weeks of travelling cum Mission Trip has officially started today.

After 200 "pee stops", snacks and lunch, we arrived at destination for the night. Its almost 9 hours if we drive all the way to Chiang Mai, North Thailand but we have decided to stop half way.

We were here last year and have decided that its going to be fun to come back again. Of course, this time round, we have Mary with us. So much more fun!

We are at a National Park in Tak. As expected, the weather is cool, breezy, fresh and absolutely wonderful!!!!

When we arrived at about 4pm, we quickly changed and headed towards the waterfall. Its was freezing! I mean freezing!!! Joel and I was at it again, pushing each other into the water. It all started when I splashed him with some cold water. Bad idea. He came back with a revenge and both of us were in the water!!! Aaaaarrrrggghhh!!! Cold! Cold!

Later, we decided to do a crazy thing. Each one of us jump into the water.... Joel first, followed by me and then Ethaniel.

(photos will be added later)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Around the World

Ethaniel looking so cute in his Chinese costumes. He said that he looked u.g.l.y.
And all of us disagreed! Everybody thought that he looked so cute.

I am so proud of both of my children for participating in The Christmas Around the World play yesterday at church.

Actually, Ethaniel has been soooooooo shy about joining. Of course I was in shock and disbelief. He is usually the life-of-a-party boy. Often entertaining us. Surely this is a side of him I have not seen.

How does he become The Entertainer now and then The Shy Boy the next.

Of course, like any smart Mummy who-knows-her-son-best, I whipped out my tactic to get him to cooperate... a lot of threats (which did not work) and then ... one gum ball, one lollipop and a cup of Slurpee.

That did the job!

Since they did not attend most of the practices, they had minor roles but they still had a blast and it was a great experience.

(will post some more pictures later)

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Economy of Thailand

The global financial crisis has not been helpful to the economy of Thailand. Unfortunately, due to the closing of the Suvarnabhumi Aiport by protectors, there would be loss of job predicted to be 1 million, next year.

I have heard that the tourism industry was the worst affected and they have already started retrenching employees.

Few days ago, I went to Pratunam Shopping centre, it was so deserted. I went to a particular shop at about 2pm and she told me that I was the first customer. Of course, it was slightly easier to bargain and they were not too stingy in giving out discounts.

Hotels which usually have occupancy rate of 80% to 100% during this period of time was only 12% full and some even less.

I am really sad for the industry and all the innocent Thai people whose livelihoods are affected.


They really need our prayers.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Used to Climb REAL Trees

When I was growing up till the age of 8 years old, I had many opportunities to roam an orchard full of fruit trees e.g. Rambutans, Mangosteins, Guava and Mata Kuching (similar to Longan).

If you get the opportunity to meet my Mum, she will whip-out my embarrassing childhood stories of climbing trees and eating Rambutans and Mangosteins for breakfast. Even before I brushed my teeth, I can be sighted gathering some Rambutans left behind by crows and sitting at a corner to savour my healthy fruit breakfast. I was very young then. The age of innocence.

Before you jump into any conclusion of me being such an unhygienic little girl... eating stuffs left behind by crows. Eeewwww! Your Mother never teach you....??? Let me explain. The crows love to eat Rambutans and they will usually feast on a seed. But Rambutan always grow in bunches. So, usually the crows will accidentally drop some whilst feasting on another. Being a small little girl of about 3-4 years old, I obviously took the easy way out (still do) rather than plucking it myself.

Those were the days when parents were too busy to bother with us and we were not bothered with the hussle and bustle of life. All we did was hang out, literally, on a Rambutan tree. Lunch and afternoon tea was a buffet of Rambutan. Find your branch and have your heart-fill of those delicious fruit!

There was no Math tuition, Piano classes, Drum classes, art and craft or Lego to build. There was Tree Climbing. No, not Rock Climbing. Tree Climbing. From tree to tree. Those were the monkey days. Hmm... now it explains why my boys are like ....

In Bangkok you would have to pay almost THB2,500 per month (RM250 /USD80) of 4 sessions to go for Gymboree / Gymnastic. I had all this climbing for free!!

We used to climb REAL trees....

....Not a Papaya Tree!!!!

Is it even a tree? More like a stump. Poor boys.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Camp Out Time

The weather in Bangkok has been absolutely heavenly! This is my favorite time of the year. I love waking up to the cool weather. Whilst in Malaysia, we never get a chance to enjoy weather like this at our doorstep. If we wanted cool weather, we either switch on the air-cond or go to Genting Highlands which is about 1.5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur city. Its the nearest hill from Kuala Lumpur.

So, its a real privilege and magical experience to be enjoying winter. I am always grateful to God for allowing me to enjoy moments like this.

Since we arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, the cool weather arrives during winter time without fail. Every year it seems to get cooler and cooler. There were previous years, before we arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, there were only 2-3 days of cool weather and the rest of the time was hot. That was what we were told, by our local friends. I cannot help but think that it's God blessing and gift to me.

Its funny, last winter, I woke every morning saying, "I wish, I wish, the whole year could be like this". Of course, it did not happen....

A few days ago, the boys and Daddy decided to camp outside the yard. I thought that was a great idea. So, they set-up the tent, brought out the mattresses, their pillows, bolsters and blankets.

The boys getting ready for their camp-out

Just before they retired for the night at about 10pm, they used their walkie-talkie to "talk" to each other. SWAT Team Member Joel was requested to "checked out" the neighborhood. They needed an empty house, a not-at-home-neighbor to carry out their mission of "exploration". I have no clue what this Rambos were going to do if the owners were out. But I saw BB guns, bullet proof vest, binoculars, goggles and mischievious looks on their faces. That itself was good enough to scare my wits off! You know boys, the things they are capable of *eyes-rolling-hands-up-in-surrender*

Roger! Roger! Are you there?

Fully equipped. To ???? What???

I told them I am not bailing them out from jail. I had a long day. So, they abandoned the mission.

Since there was not enough space in the tent, I didn't join them. They slept in a "bungalow" 6-man tent with heaps of space to roll around and even to hug their bolsters. Its fun, adventurous and comfort all rolled into one. Where in the world do you get it? Except in your own yard!!!

The huge tent just infront of the porch

Rise and shine?

In the last 2 nights I have taken Daddy's space and slept with the boys. During the night its freezing cold *shivering* I needed 2 thick blankets to keep me warm. But I must say that I am really enjoying myself.

I know these are memories which my boys will remember the rest of their lives. When we return to Malaysia, we will never get a chance to camp in the yard and yet have cool weather like this to give us comfort to lull us to sleep.

How about trying it? You might even save some electrity.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Header

Every now and then, I will have some itchy fingers and fiddles with the header. So, I am keeping this for a few weeks... till I get bored and wants another change. I used Adobe Photoshop Element 6.0.

What do you think of it?

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Japanese Restaurant - Mokkori

I would like to introduce an authentic Japanese Restaurant which we visited a few months ago. We have tried to return to it for another 2 more times but each time it was fully packed. Thanks to Sean for introducing it to us. Eventhough its way overdue.

We can see that most of the customers are Japanese. That shows how authentic the food is. Apparently, the Japanese never frequent Japanese Restaurants like Fuji or those run by non-Japanese. I guess, it would be strange to visit a Malaysian Restaurant run by Thai as well. But then again, I am not fussy. As long as the food taste like Malaysian food!

The price is very reasonable and food is very delicious. You can get a bowl of rice with chicken for THB120 (RM12 / USD4). The portions are very big. Unfortunate its just nice for my 2 big eaters.

The tables are long and extremely narrow. KG joined us for lunch that day.

This restaurant is very small and run by a Japanese who shouts his greetings in Japanese. I almost jumped when he did that the last time. I just smiled.

Its along Thong Lor, just at the beginning of the Soi on the right when you turn from Sukhumvit. Sorry, I don't have the exact address.


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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Time

Christmas is around the corner. Everyone is in a festive mood.

I love Christmas time. I love the Christmas songs. The bright lights and decorations on the Christmas tree. Eventhough, since last year I have disposed of my Christmas tree because it was a pagan belief rather than symbolic of Christ's birth. But still. I love to look at the Christmas tree and lights.

It has always given me a special feeling, Christmas time.

The Christmas songs at KSBJ, an internet radio is incredible! Click here to enjoy it. I have been having it switched on the whole day and it just gives me all this amazing "Christmassie" feeling.

I am the first generation of Christian, so, Christmas time is not a family occasion. We embrace the meaning but its not like Chinese New Year, whereby all of us gather around for a family reunion and dinner. This year we might not even be spending it in Bangkok but instead in Chiang Mai. Since we are going for a Mission Trip and holidaying in the North. Doubt we will be back in time by Christmas.

We don't bake and cook Christmas pudding, turkey or all those stuff that most Caucasians do. Eventhough I would love to stuff my face with it.

I think this year, I will take the time to write a post on my gratefulness to Jesus, my Savior, for coming into this world. To tell Him how much He means to me and appreciate the magnitude of what He has done.

How are you going to spend your Christmas?

Monday, December 8, 2008

I Want a Bike!

I thought that I should share a little about my little boy, Ethaniel. You know, get to know him and for you to know what I have to live with. Other than being really really adorable, affectionate, funny, joyful, cute and many more, he is also Mr Persistent.

What do I mean?

Well, when he wants something, not only is he bold enough to ask it out loud but he can go on and on about it.



Often he reminds me of the parable Jesus told about this man who knocks on the door of his neighbor asking for bread. In the middle of the night. He knocks, knocks and knocks till the neighbor had to wake up from his bed just to give him the bread. Wearing him down.

That sum its up about Ethaniel.

He has got his way of asking...

"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"



"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"


*bigger smile and eye lashing flapping*

"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"


*really big smile and touching my arms*

"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"


*really big smile and touching my arms and hugging me*

"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"

"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"

"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"

Months before his birthday, he had his list of birthday presents which he wanted... from remote control cars, hamsters, dogs and then bicycle. Since we went to Rot Fai Park, he wanted a new bike. I don't blame him, his current one was made in China which we bought from Tesco. I must say that the quality was not as good as expected.

So, we decided to get him one (Phew! Thank God, I can get him off my back!!!)

We checked it out at Sports World but the quality was so-so but pricey. So, we delayed the purchase till the next day or so. Can you imagine the nagging I had to endure???!!!! I won't repeat what he n.a.g to spare you the torture. Anyway.

There was a small shop nearby our Mooban (village) who was the agent for LA, a bicycle made in Thailand. The quality was good and cost THB2,800 (RM280 / USD90) which I thought was reasonable. We bought it.

So, you can see the happy little boy... cycling all around... with this happy little face... with this happy Mummy... relived no one to bug her.... Now, I can go on with my life!

See the joy!!!!

We are the bike riders!!! Man!!!

Thank you, Daddy!

Honestly, I didn't mind buying him the bicycle. I am dying to have them out of the house and getting active around the Mooban. Sweat it out. Get some of those "bugging" energy out of his system!

While at the LA bicycle shop, the Elder brother was coveting a nice mountain bike too. He is not the "asking out loud" type of person. So, he was obviously drooling quietly and hinting gently. Only his parents can really understand this boy. Again, its a healthy habit to be cycling around. So, OK, OK, Christmas came early.

Joel with his new bike. You should have seen the smile on his face.

We cannot have the Elder Brother drooling over his younger brother's bike. Can we? No, of course not. All those salty saliva will cause rust.

And we absolutely cannot have that!

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Thailand Best Buy

Thailand Bestbuys 2008 12 - 21 December, 2008
Meet Thailand's biggest annual gift fair. The event will embrace over 700 booths selling gift items, souvenirs, accessories, stationery and much more.

Organizer : N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd.
Tel : +66 (0) 2 203 4222-5

This sale is on every year around this time. So, its a great time to go there to get your Christmas presents or if you have visitors who are keen to purchase Thai products. This is the place to go.

Date: 12 - 21 Dec 2008

Time: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Venue: Queen Sirikit Hall, Plenary Hall, Zone C1-2, Plaza, Atrium, Main Foyer

Friday, December 5, 2008

Where is Your Wisdom?

Our church is very friendly to newcomers and first time visitors. That was how I first met him. He was visiting our Church and being Malaysians, its a double joy. Thereafter, we met again for 1-2 more times when he returned to Church. In totality, maybe 2-3 times.

He has skyped me every now and then. We chatted briefly. The other day, he skyped and following is the exact conversation...

Him: I guess it is better for you all to go back to Malaysia...not really safe here.

Me: You think?

Him: Yes...based on thai news

Me: I think we should stay to be a blessing in this trouble times than running for shelter in Malaysia

Him: It is all depend on there will be civil war soon...moreover, you are not are Malaysia. your home is not is your real home

Me: Well, we should pray against that. Home is where the Lord leads us. If the Lord wants us to leave, we will. For the moment, we have no such leading

Him: i guess that it is up to you...the Lord give you wisdom...if you don't use is like Israel never listen to Moses during the beginning

Me: Thanks for your warning

Him: moreover, never easy to get a job in Thailand...economy already is better for you all to seek a job in Indonesia

Me: I rebuke those words in the name of Jesus. My God is a big God. His providence does not depend on economy of the world

Him: you can rebuke...self elegant. you didn't really read my report properly

Me: I rebuke the negative declaration. Not you

Him: there is a warning that Jesus, Daniel and Isaiah had warn.

Me: Power of life and death in the words of our lips. By faith we speak. By faith it will come to pass

Him: having Faith is good...stronger the better...but God give wisdom. where is your wisdom. God only bless those who move by wisdom

I couldn't believe what I read.

Firstly, declaring civil war on Thailand before it actually happened. I know heaps and heaps of Christians, including myself, in Thailand who is praying for peace and the situations in Thailand. Janice for one didn't make it for Ethaniel's party because she was having a prayer meeting with some others for the peace of Thailand. And we have this so called Pastor declaring civil war!

Secondly, he is asking us to return to our home country because of the upcoming civil war. So, does it apply to all expats? Then, he should have sent out notices to all people who are non-Thai to return home. Including him.

Thirdly, (1) he is accusing me of being disobedient unto God as Israel has been towards Moses. (2) Being self-elegant (3) Being a fool and not using my wisdom... Just because I am still in Bangkok and not obeying his warnings.

If he really thinks that his report is true, it still has to be confirmed. Which country is not facing problems?

1 Corinthians 14:32 (King James Version) " And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets."

So, has anyone confirmed it? Anyone can go around saying that they have heard from God and still not be subjected to a Prophet/Pastor/Church. Even Cindy Jacob, the well known prophetess attends a Church and is accountable to her Pastor Dutch Sheet.

Because we don't know the whole picture! If someone claims he knows it all, then we have to be very careful of people like that.

1 Corinthians 13:9 (New Living Translation) "Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture! "

To summarize, I am wary when people, no matter who they are or how important they think they are, begin to insist their words are biblical truth. I have been a Christian for a long time, I know my bible and what it says. I also have many godly Rev, Pastors, Missionaries and friends and none of them are as manipulative and controlling, just because they have received a vision and prophecy from God. Its a spirit of Jezebel!

1 John 4:1 Dear friends, do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God. For there are many false prophets in the world.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prophecy by Mike Jacobs

Prophecy By Mike Jacobs

“There is a strong anointing here. Heaven is open. What God is saying in this land…..“Look to your rivers” —they were your first highways. Eyes of the Lord are on them and He will move in villages and towns and cities on the rivers. Make prayer journeys on the rivers—ask for blessings on the cities and towns: make them highways of holiness. Rivers in the desert – rivers full of the gifting of God.

Prophecy by Cindy Jacob

You might recall that I went for the Cindy Jacob seminar a few weeks ago from 13 to 15 Nov 2008. I have been meaning to type out her prophecy over Thailand but the procrastinator in me took over. I was so glad when a friend emailed it to me... Thanks Doreen.

I want to share the prophecy with you.


I Am Coming Like A Mighty Rushing Wind. There is a Pentecost coming – with Wind and Fire, bringing a Great Reformation to change things as if in a day. Look to South Thailand. Revival is beginning to burn in South Thailand. The glory of God is upon South Thailand. Send workers - there will be many miracles - the lame will walk, the blind will see, the deaf will hear, village after village will be coming to the Lord. The Fire will burn from the North and the fire will burn from the South and will burn toward the Central.

The number of believers in Thailand is doubling and doubling. God is sending Revival to this Nation. This is Harvest Time.

This is the Land flowing with milk and honey. There will be more shaking but don’t be afraid. The Lord will bring Josiah Reforming generation. I have surprises for you. I am doing a new thing, roads in the wilderness. There will be a great Economic Reformation coming to Thailand, Great Wealth and spirit of innovation in young men and women. Don’t be discouraged in great shaking.

Entering a Decade of Harvest

Entering a Decade of Harvest : In 2009, it will begin. In 2010, Fire begins in fullblown. 2010-2020, I will fill this nation. More churches will be planted, more than in all the years before.

I will fill the universities with My Fire and Glory. There will be revival among university students, a Great Jesus Movement. It will burn like fire - North-South-East-West. Begin to pray for the universities.

But the secret of my power is in the children. There is power in children. The 3 year olds and 10 year olds will be used to totally transform Thailand.

Thailand will officially connect with Israel which will be done on governmental basis. When this is done, blessing of God will come like never before.

Prepare in 2009 with Daniels and Josephs bringing about market place revival. A shift and change are coming. Many people will come and ask “How did you hear God about this Reformation in Thailand?” Because Thailand will be A Shining Stars for Reformation in Asia.

Words require actions, engage the word. This is a season of full circle – things that were never finished; finish it now. Make your dreams happen. You have one year (2009) to prepare for the Decade of the Harvest. Prepare regional evangelists. There will be revival in all sectors, great transfer of wealth, wisdom and revelation.

There will be Secular Media Revival. Thailand is called to make film and T.V. God will give you money for your dreams. There will be Revival through film, entertainment industry, prophetic mantle on secular media.

The Lord says, I am going to expose great sin in the coming days from the top to the bottom. I am coming with my refiner’s fire.But do not be afraid of the fire, but welcome it. Because I am going to purge My Church. After I finish the purging, I am going to purge the Nation. The Lord says the reason you can not solve the problems of the government is My government needs to be established in the church first.

The Lord says, if you will become a holy church and if you will preach on holiness, I will solve the problems of the nation, says God. And the Lord says, I will vindicate the innocent. But I will convict the guilty. The Lord says, the fear of the Lord is going to start falling on the church in Thailand. It is coming to convict people of God

You write it down. God is very serious about this. He is giving some of you a season to repent. If you repent I will protect you. If you do not repent you are going down.


There is such a calling upon Thailand. I’m telling you, a call to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth. This is a new wineskin for Thailand. Father God, there are many here that are being stirred today. That will have a visitation for the nations. Ask of me the nations.

Father God, for the pastors here, you are going to send out armies of missionaries to the ends of the earth. Father God, the call to evangelize Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Australia. Father God, I thank you right now, send out millions. The Lord just says the numbers of missionaries per capita from Thailand will be amazing.

The Lord shows me that people used to say, well the Africans are going everywhere to preach. Now it will be the Thai – they are going everywhere to preach the gospel. Hundreds of missionaries will preach the gospel all the way back to Jerusalem.

Father, give us a heart for the lost. Let us preach to those no one cares about, but You care about them. To the millions of people in Central Asia that do not know you ever lived, Jesus. Let God give you a fresh passion. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest, send out laborers from Thailand, O God. For Burma, Malaysia,Hong Kong, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia. Don’t think of yourself that you need missionaries, you be the missionaries.

Holy Spirit. Right now…The Lord says, Prepare language schools for your youth. Prepare to teach the Thai youth the language of the nations of the earth. Prepare them to go to English speaking nations. Prepare them to go to Spanish speaking nations. I see a wave of leadership from Thailand to Europe to re-evangelize Europe. I see many Asian leaders going to Germany, the land of Reformation. To go to France, to go to Austria. Do you know there are more Christians in Mongolia than in Austria? The fields are white with harvest.

Ask God to use you. Use me, use me in some way, God. You might be a business person who will do business with Europe. Ask God to show you a way to touch nations that need the fire of Christ.

O Lord, Send the fire, send the fire upon us God. We need the Holy Spirit’s fire once again. Lord, send the fire like the Salvation Army had in England, they would change the nation. We need William Booths who started the Salvation Army. We need those who are willing to suffer the reproach of men to preach the gospel

This may be unusual for a morning meeting but I want to say, have you lost your fire? Has your passion for Jesus grown dim? Do you love him as much today as you did when you were first born again. Ask God to send fire into your heart. Have you lost your fervor. If you have ever loved God more yesterday than today, the fire has grown dim. Say send the fire God, come on say it.

Send the fire, we want a Holy Spirit visitation, fire for the nations, fire for souls.

Thank you Lord, you love the lost. Ask for more fire. Put your hand on your heart, God, light my heart aflame for you. Send the fire into me first God send the fire. Holy Spirit, baptize them with fire. Baptize us with fire. We want to change nations. Thank you Lord. Tell the Lord, use me, use me, use me to change my nation. Use me to change the nations of the earth.

Now the Lord wants to give you new vision for souls

How many souls do you want for the gospel?

Ask Him how many souls you want….

(Notes Taken and Transcribed By Melinda, Helen, Joy, Anna and Caro)

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I would like to send my deepest condolences to my Brother-in-Law for the passing on of his father *sigh*.

I have known Uncle Khoi since the day my Sister dated her boyfriend, now husband. That would have easily been 20+ years ago. I have seen him as a quiet, man-of-few-words, good provider, soft spoken and temper-less person.

He has been such a great Father and Husband. Its amazing to see how his family stands by his side throughout his long ordeal of sickness.

I guess, what you sow, you shall reap.

He was converted a few years ago to Christianity and I strongly believe that I shall meet him one day in Heaven.

May God bless you and your family at this very difficult time, Garrison.

My Back Hurts... Ouch!

I definitely was not in the right mind when I went out shopping that day wearing... heels. Vanity hits without warning, sometimes. Since the birth of Joel, 12 years ago, I have only worn heels at special occasions but never for long periods of time. Not that high heels, anyway. It doesn't take Einstein to guess what eventually happened... aching back. Ouch!

The day after that, I could not bend properly and was walking like a penguin. The massage helped a little. In two days, we will be celebrating Ethaniel's birthday. I did contemplate to cancel it but somehow, did not. I will miss out on all the fun fellowship with friends... I couldn't. No way!

On the day of the party, after most of the visitors went home, I asked Mary to pray for me. She took some olive oil from my kitchen and proceeded to pray for me by laying her hands on my back. After praying for a bit, I tried to turn and still felt the discomfort.

She prayed again.

This time it was gone! The pain was gone! Praise God! I am healed!!! I had the faith that God could heal me and He did!!! I bent and turned. 95% of the pain was gone. I knew I had to rest a little more to rid the other 5%. And I did, the next day. I felt great after that!

Thank God that the miracles which He performed in the bible is still happening today!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Suvarnabhumi Airport Opening!

So glad to hear that the Suvarnabhumi Airport is opening by 4th Dec 08. All those stranded 350,000 people can now return to their home country soon.

Let's all pray for the peace of Thailand.

May God bless Thailand!


We have been staying in this Mooban (village) since we arrived in Thailand. Minus 3 weeks in the hotel upon arrival.

After moving in a few months, we had a new neighbor, just opposite our house.

He moved in with a .... hmm... err... with a partner who can be his daughter. Long legs, long hair, annoyingly slim and a distraction to the males in my home. Anyway. Since then she has left and there has been 1-2 more girls who has come and gone. He is now partner-less. Poor fella.

On a Saturday night, a few days ago, at about 4am in the morning, we were rudely awaken by a blasting music in English and Thai. Due to the loudness of the music, we woke up abruptly and a little blur.

Upon peeping out of the window, which is just above our head, we saw this neighbor returning after a rendezvous and probably too-much-booze night. We presumed that he will eventually off his blasting stereo once he parked his car, cover his convertible and go into his house. After all, its 4am. Duh!

We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

When you are trying get back to sleep after being rudely awaken at 4am, 5 mins is a long time. Forever. Its like watching wet paint dry.

"La la la la .... I cannot hear you". Its not working. I can still hear the LOUD music.

"Hey! Off your radio!" I screamed from the window. No response. I presumed he did not hear me over his blasting stereo.

Then Hubby went downstairs with a flashlight, intending to give a piece of his mind. He shouted a few times but no response. Then he flashed his torchlight at this half-drunk fella, who eventually took out a cigarette and started smoking, pretending he is having an English tea session with himself. I could just imagine Hubby's blood boiling... bubble.. bubble..

When a particular song was in intermission, Hubby shouted again, "Shut off your radio! Its 4am!"

He responded by shutting off the stereo and proceeded to scream very loudly, "OK, go to sleep". "I am not wrong. You are the one who is wrong", "F---", @*#*^$*"

We were getting worried when he went on and on challenging Hubby to go out. We hear so many stories of mafia, gangsters and Thai shooters. He could be a Mafia gang leader for all we know. He must be someone important if he owns an Mercedes SLK. Then again, maybe not, he could be a middle aged man who still gets pocket money from his Daddy. But unfortunately not enough pocket money to employ a cleaner to make his home livable.

After that I prayed, "In the name of Jesus, I silent you spirit of drunkeness. Keep quiet". Immediately, he kept quiet. Eventhough he was still standing at his gate, he was no longer shouting. He mumbled a few more sentences but no more shouting. Thank God!

We prayed some more to ask God to protect us.

The next day, we kept the BB gun near to our bed. Nobody mess with us. Hmph.

condition of his yard

practically ruined porch

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