Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Free Day In Chiang Mai: To Chiang Mai Zoo

Actually, this is a mission trip. Its not a holiday..... But somehow, God was so gracious to bless the children with an opportunity to sightsee Chiang Mai.

Keng, our ex-tour guide (he was our tour guide last year at Pai & Maehongson), took us around Chiang Mai on a personal basis in his car. Eventhough I paid for petrol and most of the stuffs, but it was still so nice and kind of him to make the effort to spend the time with us. Actually, he was so happy to meet up! I know, I know, he just love to see Joel & Ethaniel, not me. He made that very clear ;-) *not offended*  He has such a great sense of humour.  We kept teasing each other.

I was totally impressed with the Chiang Mai Zoo. It was clean, spacious and the animals looked healthy and clean. It was really worth the visit.

The bird show

Lin Hui & friend, the pandas, were really cute.

They have an excellent air-conditioned cage. Happy, contented and well-fed. I particularly enjoyed watching them eat the bamboo. We stayed longer than the rest of the other exhibits because the whole place was air-conditioned ;-). Getting a break from the heat of Chiang Mai was awesome!

Joel, Ethaniel & Keng playing together

The children and I felt pretty tired. Its understandable that we just had a 17 hours journey from Bangkok. So we went off after spending 3.5 hours at the zoo. Unexpectedly enjoyable, I must say. Will come again next time. 
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