Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miss Universe

Ethaniel and I sat down to watch the ending part of Miss Malaysia/Universe. They were already calling out the winners. My little boy asked me, "What is that?"

I tried to explain that it is a contest to decide who is most beautiful. And unexpectedly he said, "You are most beautiful", gave me the sweetest smile and stared into my face and continued...

"But you have to clean your forehead"

"Make sure there are no dirt (eye-shit) in your eyes"

"Let your hair down long"

"Make your body shiny (I think he meant clean and without dirt)"

"Change to a beautiful dress"

(lastly but not least)

"Slim down (he even measured and showed me with both of the palm of his hands. Looks like a size 0)"


So many things to do to be "beautiful". How to measure up? Am I that beautiful in his eyes?

Maybe, "yes" but only after I clean my forehead, eye shit, leave my hair long, take a shower, change to a beautiful dress and slim down.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More of Camporama

Whenever our children go somewhere without us, we have this hidden fear that they will not fair well. Mothers often think that they are indespensable , especially when the children are young . I wonder why we think that? Is it because we are overprotective? Or is it we the parents, actually misses the children more than they actually miss us?

I don't often leave the children, except if I did not have a choice. Which is also not often. I wish there were more occasions I can do that. Now that I am in Malaysia, there are more baby-sitters available. But from past experience, I realise that trips are much more fun with the kids. More laughters, chatters, mischieves, noises (too much sometimes), jokes, adventurous and fun. I am sure most parents out there feels that way. Or maybe not. Anyway.

Joel was talking about the Camporama days after he returned. He will sit down and tell us jokes which he has heard from his friends. Ethaniel and I will roll over with laughter. And he will choose a time when I need it most. Like when I was really frustrated about something or when I had a day under the weather.

"When you told me those jokes, were you trying to cheer me up?" I looked at him from the corner of my eyes.

He looked at me with a sweet and cheeky all at the same time and said, "Yes".

I thought to myself, when did he get so smart and thoughtful of his ole Mummy. No, not just now. He does try to please and I know that. As much as I try to please him by cooking the food which he likes. Its sure a give and take relationship. Isn't it all about? When we demand our children to do everthing perfectly all the time whilst we are being crappy parents, that's when we frustrate them. Or the other extreme when we give in to them all the time and expecting nothing from them. They become very self centred, self absorbed individuals. Thinking nothing about others.

Back to the Camporama....

He told me ....

About this iritating dorm leader who was really bossy and a "cold shower" for all the thinks they wanted to do, like chatting after the lights was out, making lots of noise and I thought it was reasonable. After all that's why Dorm Leaders are appointed. To keep the kids under control. Joel raised his voice a little, "But he is NOT even Our Dorm. He oversees the next dorm!" Now I see his point.

He threw a piece of paper filled with water into the bath when his friend J P was taking a shower. He bowled over with laughter.

He heard JP related an incident that happened in his own dorm. His dorm leader stood in front of the fan after a hot day of sweat and bad body odor. It almost killed them!

He repeated a few inappropriate jokes told by his friends but it made me laugh, nevertheless.

There were awesome food which he enjoyed. Feed him well and half of the battle is won.

Sounded like this young man had a real fun time. I am glad.

BTW, well done to the Royal Rangers for organising such a great Camporama!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Away to Camporama!

Me and my young man

"Hello Mum, how are you?"

It was a surprise but nice to receive the call.

"Hi Joel! How are you? Are you having fun?

I dropped him at about 7.30am at Church that morning. There were many children waiting to go for the Royal Rangers Camporama when we arrived. This is his first time attending, the previous years, he was too young. It is held every 4 years.

"Can I speak to Ethaniel, please?"

So, sweet of him to ask to talk to his little brother. A nice change from being at each other's throat.

"Hello Ko Ko (mean "older brother" in Chinese). How are you? Blah blah blah..."

I was sitting nearby smiling to myself, eavesdropping on what both of them were chatting about. If only they could be this polite to each other 24/7, 375 days a year! Then, it would be heavenly. Oh well, maybe once a while is still nice and enjoyable.

"I miss you and want to come back. I miss my bolster and pillow"

I laughed. He wants to come back because of his bolster and pillow :-) Not only that, he misses his Mummy and his brother and his Daddy. Indeed, absence makes the heart fonder. I bet all the boys at the camp, all having fun and yet lining up at the public phone to call back to their Mummies and Daddies. Such a cute sight to behold.

This is totally unexpected. I thought he will be so caught up with fun that I will only get a chance to talk to him after the 4 days 3 nights camp. Which was OK. He is allowed to have some space. I understand. But 4 telephone calls in 3 days was a nice surprise.

Little gestures like that really melts a Mother's heart. Right? You Mothers out there.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Free Online Audio Bible

I have recently discovered an awesome website which you could download free audio bible. The story are dramatized with different character speaking and music at the background too. Check it out!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This post is a little belated... relating my story on the unpacking of our goods..


My goods arrived from Bangkok on 7 March 2009, Saturday.

We were excited.

At last, we can settle down properly. Since 5 March 09, our Landlord has given us the keys to the house. We had to do some cleaning and even some painting, which we did, the next day. It was hardwork.

The Unpackers from Allied Pickford Malaysia was unfortunately a real disappointment. Their workers consists of 3 Malaysian Indians and 4 India Indians. The foreign workers were helpful and hardworking but had communication issues. They could speak little Bahasa Malaysia and no English. The locals could communicate in both English and Bahasa Malaysia but were not friendly, unmotivated to work and ordered the Indians workers around.

The Supervisor was not managing his workers well. So, everybody was doing their own thing. Some hanging outside the house chatting with my FIL! Some just smoking....

Some example of incidences...

Putting things into the shelves.... The Unpacker opened up boxes and asked me to put plates into the cupboard!! He unwrapped and I put it in for him!! The 2nd day, the Supervisor himself opened up the boxes and just left all the plates on the kitchen top. He neither asked me to put it into the cabinet or asked his men to do it. It was just left there.

On another occasion, when I told the Supervisor that I needed my shelves to be put up, he looked shocked at me. I felt that I was doing something wrong. He rudely said that I did not mention it earlier (he didn't ask) but I did mention to the fat Malay guy on the 1st day and he said that the handyman will be coming. I also mentioned to the office staff and she mentioned that there will be another crew who does installation. Supervisor then said that he does not have a drill. Handyman without a drill? Anyway, I told him that I had one. He reluctantly called out to his worker to put up the shelf and without saying a word, went off to do other things.

Slow, slow and slower...

On the 2nd day, it took 3 man x 4 hours = 12 man hours to assemble a cupboard. Mostly 2 man doing it and 1 man "pretending to help". I noticed that he often likes to do this kind of "observing". Good trick, I must admit.

Can you imagine my frustration of having to order the workers around and trying to get all my things unpacked and sorted!! And they were more happy to sit on their butt!

It was stressful with me managing the workers all by myself, sorting the things out, cooking lunch and having my 2 children around! Thank God my BIL, Kerwin whom I requested to be around entertained the children by taking them to the park and doing some stuffs. There was no TV, computer or anything else to do. My FIL was bored stiff hanging around, so he chatted with the workers. I know, you must be wondering why the workers are hanging around chatting, right?

I didn't cook dinner that night but just ate Maggie Mee, I almost died of exhaustion! It was impossible to cook, I could see that FIL was not exhilarated with the prospect of instant noodle but unfortunately my physical condition did not position me to even think about pleasing anyone's tastebuds. All I could think of was my bed, resting my feet and having a good night's sleep.

The next day, I called the Allied Pickford office to complain and requested for another crew but unfortunately the impression has already been made. The stress was just too much for me to be a repeated customer.

I was hoping their performance could match the Thai's but.... sigh.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I didn't know that grapes can be cultivated in the Malaysian weather - hot all year round. So, I was absolutely fascinated when I discovered that my elder brother grew some in his garden!

A whole bunch of beautiful looking grapes

Ethaniel with Baby Ji Ann, his cousin sister

I am waiting for the day I can taste the grapes. Will let you know if its sweet or not.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Adventure Trip - Part 4

Doing a debrief after every activity

"You stand here", says Japheth.

I swallowed hard.

"OK", I answered in my bravest voice.

It was past 10pm. There was hardly any breeze that night. I was afraid that it might rain... I don't want to get soaked. There was no shades. There was no way I could escape this. They have even provided a poncho. Which means, rain or no rain... Solo Hour is happening.

Surrounded by bushes left and right, I decided to sit on my Poncho. Ouch. The floor is very hard. But better than standing. I could see the moon peeping through the high branches of the trees. My! There was a firefly walking through some weeds, dried leaves and wet earth, just in front of me. How cute. A dot of light in the dark night. No torch light, no campfire, no streetlights, no mobile phone light, just firefly and me.

What in the world do people do for a whole hour in the middle of the jungle?

No laptop?

No mobile phone?

No TV?

No MP3, MP4, Radio, etc.

Its part of the Adventure program... Solo Hour. Meaning, solo. Alone. Nobody around. Just me, myself and I. Lone Ranger and no Tonto. *blink blink* What to do?

Reflective mood sets in when you don't get distractions. Which is almost impossible in our age, time and technology filled lives. But when I actually sat down and started to quiet myself, I could actually hear myself breathing. The birds chirping too loudly than preferred (considering its really dark and I am standing alone all by myself). So many thoughts flooded my mind, especially concerning the schedules and busyness of my life and of course mostly involving my children. Juggling all the things we want to do... And talking to God.

Then suddenly....

From the corner of my eyes, I saw a figure, as if standing. It was dark, so I could not be too sure if that was Jus who was suppose to be the nearest person standing away from me or .... No, no. I should not scare myself silly. After all, I am a Mother who tells their children that, "You shoud not be afraid, Jesus is always with you." La la la la la ... I am not afraid. La la la la. I must not scared. Its just darkness. I am a grown adult. No fear *trying to calm myself*

I was in that dilemma for a good 15 mins, I think, since I did not have a watch.

After the whole session was over, I spoke to Jus and asked him how come he look small most of the time and suddenly standing tall the next? I was really curious. Having had fear inflicted on me in such an unnecessary way. "I had to pee lah", admited Jus *sheepish smile* What can I say? When you are in the midst of nature, you might have nature's call.

Phew, I didn't have an encounter.

The 2 day 1 night Adventure Program was totally enjoyable. I did some stuffs which I have not done before and some I have not done for a long time. If you are interested to join any of their program, visit their website here.

BTW, since joining the program I have been convinced that what they are doing is something really wonderful, beneficial, meaningful and great for the young and not-so-young alike. So, I have joined them as a part-time staff in the area of Admin.

If you are 18 years old and above, you can join them as a volunteer Instructor. Its great to able to be such a great blessing to many other young people and enjoying the outdoors all at the same time. Trainings are provided for free.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adventure Trip - Part 3

We had a break at a small waterfall / stream. Washed away some of the sweat, tiredness and heat. Cool refreshing water from the stream was a delight to my hot sweaty face and toes. Ooooohhhh.... Nothing can describe it. If only my whole body could soak in it.

The rest of the team, one by one joined in and started soaking their feet, up to their ankles. I wonder if anyone is "enjoying" the water downstream *wicked grin*

Some of us got carried away and started splashing at each other. Some kind of belated childhood reaction still persisting. I joined in but tried not to overdo it in case the consequences results in dripping wet clothes. That 20 mins of break was refreshing and the Instructors was a great sport and even started some splashing! All in good fun.

Returning to the camp site alive was a real achievement for me. I still had my hands and legs intact. Whoo hoo! It's great to be alive!

I must admit that I was very proud of myself. Yes, more than the feeling of embarrassment was, pride. Wait, wait *pat myself on the shoulder* A great lesson learnt.... Perseverance produces success. I wanted to give up half way but didn't. Or rather, was not allowed to by the Instructors.

Infact, this is part of the purpose of this Adventure program. To make an anology of the adventure experience with the trials / seasons in life. Nothing sinks this deep till you have just experienced a 2.5 hours of mountain biking. As for me, it was mostly pushing the bike *sheepish smile*

The journey uphill was really tough, reminds me of my life. Many uphill moments in the last few months with Hubby's retrenchment, relocation back home to Malaysia, everyone's emotional upheaval due to the relocation and many more stuffs which I was still trying to sort out. Was this trip timely? Maybe.

Food never tasted this gooooood.....

It was a good trip to be away from it all.... To have heaps of fun, meet other participants, sweating it out, eating some Malay food which I have been deprived of since staying in Thailand and a good break for the family, away from me. Hahaha.

To be continued....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Adventure Trip - Part 2

*Puffing* *hyper ventilating* "How far is the journey?" Realising that I have only just begun. In my panting overworked heart, I had enough. My muscles was screaming for help and my lack-of-exercise limps was ready to give up about 2 minutes after I started!

Mountain biking... Why? Why was it created in the first place? To torture lack-of-exercise people like me, obviously. No, no... I think it was created for human beings such as my Sons... Who has limitless energy and needed some releasing.

*still puffing*

"You can do it".

"Take your time".

"Try resting".

En & Angel, the Instructors cheered me on. I was embarrassed that I was holding the 20-years-old-something participants from an early arrival at the destination.

I tried. I really did.

I never knew gravity to pull this hard when going on mountain biking in FRIM. There must be some kind of sabotage going on... The uneven uphill path, pebbles and wet earth everywhere was no help either.

After what seemed to be forever.... At last, we arrived at the destination. I was never this happy to meet any team members as I did that afternoon. They sat nicely chatting away while I was still grasping for air.

This was before I almost died...

I vowed to exercise after leaving this program *expression of determination* But. Will I live through this?

To be continued......

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