Thursday, April 29, 2010

Plaster Ceiling

The Plaster Ceiling was done by a young Chinese guy by the name of Ah Soon. He has been in this profession since he was 14 years old. He did a good job and gave me a reasonable price. The workmanship was also nice. One of the very few things I am happy about the Renovation.

Hard at work

Tarzans hanging from the ceiling

Putting on metal casing

The Plaster ceiling was completed within 1 week, both upstairs and downstairs.

There are some part uncompleted due to a missing wall near the back of the toilet. The Contractor's Indonesian workers didn't do a very good job on that. As a result, Ah Soon could not put up the ceiling. So, that will be done a little later. That part was supposed to be paid by the Contractor and the latest update - he refuses to do it. Looks like I have to get it done myself.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Electical & A little more of Plumbing

Electrical work started around the 24th day of the Renovation, which was 6th April. Till today, it has not been completed. There seems to be a great number of hacking for concealed wiring. I have not worked out the cost for the wiring due to addition here and there. So, I shudder to think what the cost might be... *shivers*

The Electrician is a Supplier of Hubby's. Gave us a good price and good service. A very nice humble guy. Even told me his nightmare stories about his own renovation. About how his 2x2 tiles 'floated' out of the flooring and causing damage amounting to RM80K for raw material and RM60K for workmanship. I didn't really need to know it, after all, I am in the midst of my own Renovation. I need more comfort stories....

Thank God, I didn't get my Contractor to do the electrical stuffs! He would have charged everything from switches to installation. I saved some $$$ there.

Wire cost seems to be very high - especially the ones that is being run outside the house for the auto gate, doorbell and lights. The "aman" (not sure of spelling) cable are said to be strong and last for a very long time compared to the normal wiring fitted into normal casing. Its too expensive for my liking but it has to be done according to the Electrician ... if we don't want any 'shorting' or termites chewing it for a snack (I didn't know termites chew on wires). Anyways.

Wiring for the kitchen

"aman" cable running on the outside of the house

Plumbing works started around the same time as the electrical works. Just 1 or 2 days earlier. This plumber is by the Contractor. I was fortunate enough to be around when he was doing his work. If not, I would have to put my fridge where the washing machine was suppose to be and some other really annoying mistakes. So, I spent half of the day supervising his work. So, since then, I never trusted any of the workers. I ensure that I poke my nose into everyone's work.

Dish washing water from the kitchen sink will go into a gully and then into
the sewerage. Apparently, this is ideal and clean way to do it.
The Plumber did the 'right' way by accident. According to the Contractor,
he finds the easiest exit. If the drain is easiest, the drain it is!

Piping for the kitchen sink. I was so smart to buy a mixer at a warehouse sale
when I only need cold water.... But it was 50% discount!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


The pipes needs serious changing. I didn't realise how badly till I saw some of the old pipes which was replaced.

It will be concealed underground

Going into the house

Piping from the mains outside the house

The poly pipe is said to be so hardy that even if a car ran over it, will not break it. Good. We need something like that. Anyway, this house is 10 years old. Its overdue to have some clean pipes. I have this paranoia about drinking yucky rusty water. One of the 1st things I bought even before this house was ready, was a good external water filter. Which I purchased last year November at the CIMB Home Exhibition.

See the rust!

Now with good piping going all over the house, especially to my kitchen - I am a happy woman!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chicken Run... Contractor Run... Whatever!

My house Contractor, Ah Pang, called it quits and I am left with the rest of the 20-25% of the Renovation hanging.... On 14th April, into 32th day of Renovation.




I have been targeting for 1 May 2010, Saturday for the move into the new place.

Due to some misunderstanding, he has refused to continue and to shorten the headache and heartache with him, I have decided to drop him altogether. Its sad because he started well and slowly deteriorated. I guess that happens when they have received enough money and more jobs are queuing up.

Of course the downside is that, I have given him all the money except for RM1,000. Unfortunately, its not enough to finish all the remaining stuffs. I could have kicked myself for not keeping more money. I had insisted but he was more persistent in wanting the payments. Now, I understand why.

I am giving up on Contractors!!!! I am going to do the job myself!

The Government should seriously regulate this profession. 8 out of 10 persons who encounter Contractors have problems.

BTW, to those whom I have recommended this Contractor... I am sorry!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Termite Treatment

On the 24th day of our Renovation, before the wall was fully plastered, the Termites People came over. They sprayed an odourless chemical which was equally as lethal as the smelly one, I am sure. Anything chemical, just beware.

The thing about the odourless chemical, which is the latest technology, are costly. So, a 3-4 hours job cost me RM1,350.00. I did quite a bit of comparison before I took on the company Aneka. He was both professional and seems to know what he is doing. My brother in law also engaged him for his termites problem.

Spraying the unplastered wall

Mixing chemical with water before spraying

Spray here, spray there, spray everywhere

He drilled the untiled floor, sprayed on the garden, wet the roof and the whole works. I was there for a few minutes and I quickly scram when I realised that I was having breathing difficulty. I have this hyper sensitive nose to anything offensive e.g. cigarette smokes, dog poo and all kinds of detergent.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Renovation Update: Day 16 to 21

The roof is up

Left: Cheezy's home
Right: Where Cheezy's poo will be "drained". A pipe will be installed

Side of the house was quickly built

Front of the house with extension being done. They will build the new wall before knocking off the old one

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Day Our Home Was Violated

The Robbers came and went. But look what they left behind for us to 'savor'....

Clothes were pulled out of the cupboard and drawers. Looks like
the secret hiding place is not that 'secret' after all

Awful mess

They broke the metal attached to the gate. Make sure you do something
about your gate at home

Pried open

Temporary measure for the night... Rock climbing rope with 3 carabenas

Friday, April 16, 2010

Renovation Update: Day 11 to 15

We are building a place for our dog, Cheezy. Its coming up...

The extension for the back of the house

The fence having a coat of cement

The children building their own fence

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Renovation Update: Day 7 to 10

I have not been able to update the renovation of our house till now. I am going to continue from were I left of, so that you can see the continuation.

Day 7: The fence going up

Day 7: Left: The back of the house is ready to be 'bricked' up
Right: Cement & sand being mixed up

Day 8: The fence looking more like one

Day 9: Concrete with metal was inserted into the middle of the pillars and covered with cement to keep it sturdy

Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Mum

I picked Joel up from school today. We had to wait for Ethaniel... so while waiting, both of us shared a snack. The snack was given by his classmate's Mum.

I casually commented ......

Me: She is such a nice person. I wish I have a Mum like her.



I turned over and looked at Joel....

He turned and looked at me.....

Me: Yes?


Me: This is the part where you were suppose to answer... "You are a good Mum too"

Joel looked at me and both of us burst out in laughter....

Me: Yes??? *still laughing*

Joel: *laughing* You.... *laughing* You..... *laughing* ..... are.... *laughing*

Me: Yes?? *laughing*

Joel: *laughing* You.... *laughing* You..... *laughing* ..... are.... *laughing* a good Mum too....

I was about to open the car door and push him out!

I had a good laugh.

He was pulling my leg....

Weren't you, Joel? I am a good Mum, right?

RIGHT??????!!!! Say 'yes' if you want a lift to school tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Renovation Update: alarm system

As of yesterday, BRNO sent their people over to do the wiring for the
alarm system. All the windows, doors, roof and openings in the house
has either wiring or sensor. We purchased this special package at the
Home Exhibition organised by CIMB Bank sometime last year November.
The price is pretty standard but she gave some extras eg motion sensor
for roof and unlimited sensors for all windows. Sometimes its good to
go to those places to hunt for good deals.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


'My butt is super big and I mean BIG!!!!!'

This note was stuck on my butt without my knowledge. No other than by my most
appreciative son. . . towards my rear end.

By the way, he wears high powered glasses, so, I would discount some of his judgement about the magnitude of my er . . er . . you know where.

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Quick Tips at Internet Cafe

1) You are encouraged to rent an Oxigen tank if need to surf more
than 5 mins

2) Unlimited opportunity to grasp all types of
'flowery' language, especially in Chinese

3) One no longer has to wonder why our young people does not enjoy reading

4) Spending RM2 per hour is still much cheaper than buying a computer,
paying tmnet RM110 every month and worry your laptop gets stolen.

5) There are grown up adults who sits there for hours playing

6) Avoid loosing your laptop to Robbers as much as possible, especially if your life revolves around it.

7) Do not get overly bothered with the girl at the counter for her lack of courtesy while talking to you. Just remind yourself its not Hilton Hotel reception. After all she was not wearing an Oxigen tank. Maybe all the cigarette smoke clouded her personality.

8) Be thankful for mobile internet because that will give you as much pause as possible from having renewed experience of the above points of numbers 1 to 7.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Renovation Update: Wiring

Wiring started today. He is hubby's contractor from work. The
locations for plug points, internet, lights, fan, down lights, wall
lights, water heater and air cond points has been told to him. This
should take 3 days. Hopefully it will be completed by next week

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Blessed Good Friday

Blessed Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday to all. Due to so much
of hussle and bussle I have not taken much time to meditate.
Sometimes my weary mind and tired body wonders when are things going
to settle down. . . Anyway. Have a good weekend.

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