Thursday, June 3, 2010

Interesting Facts

At School, Joel was in a team of 3 boys. They were required to do a write-up of a particularly famous person for History class. The group leader wrote additional essays in case his team members forgot to do it. Well, EW did forget his essay. Before he was to read the essay, he was encouraged by the teacher to read it first before presenting it to the class.

Unfortunately EW did not.

He just picked up the essay and started reading it to the class.

After EW finished reading … The Teacher thought that the ending sentence had very interesting facts. Even she did not know it….

"…… and he wore purple underwear and was fat."

Teacher SC turned to Joel who was sitting beside EW. He was holding his stomach and controlling a huge laughter from bursting out.

She then took the essay piece to look and realized that the last sentence was in a different writing.

The whole class burst out in laughter…

….when they realized that Joel added the "…… and he wore purple underwear and was fat" to teach EW a lesson… "Read before presenting", as Teacher SC has instructed.

This story was related to me by his principal.

No, he was not sent to the principal's office. Incidentally the group leader is the principal's son. They had a good laugh over the prank.

I raised Joel to be humorous, able to take pranks, jokes and not to feel offended when his peers play jokes on him.


I did not expect him to exceed way beyond my expectations!

Have I created a monster?

Joel & friend schoolmates enjoying a game of Twister

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