Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6 - 8: Khanom Beach to Hatyai & Home

Our last night in Khanom beach, we went to Hid Lad waterfall about 10 minutes from our accommodation. Its a small waterfall, not impressive in any way. Just fun for the kids to play. They had heaps of fun and... me too.

Cold... cold.... cold....

Brotherhood at its best!
To carry each other, literally :-)

The next day, just before we left for Nakhon Si Thammarat town, we met a good friend from Bangkok days, Taka, Nus and Jin. Its our first time meeting their cute little toddler, Jin. He is so cute!


We used to travel together with this couple and some other Thai friends. Nus used to plan everything and we just hop along. It was great fun! I will always cherish those fun moments. Taka and my kids used to play like crazy! It was a great reunion.

This is the "Perfect Peace" photo shot...
"A Son sleeping on the shoulders of his Daddy"

After catching up over lunch, we drove towards Nakhon city for a night and then drove towards home with a sleeping-stop at Hatyai.

To sum the trip, it was relaxing. The trip was neither too short nor too long. The food was fantastic! Absolutely undeniably incredibly great!!!! The food sealed the trip. Talking about love of food...

I managed to practice some Thai words for a week, the people of Thailand never failed to make my heart warm (except those in Hatyai).

Welcome was always on their faces, adorned with a smile.

Anyone for a road trip to Thailand?

(The 2010 Thailand Trip was taken from 25 Dec to 2 Jan 2011)

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