Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Near Miss!




I saw Ethaniel screaming hysterically and crying while lifting up his t-shirt.

I saw patches of white on his stomach and soon discovered that while Joel was pouring some hot water into a cup, the kettle's cover flew open and the boiling hot water landed on Ethaniel and his stomach.

I scrambled to get some aloe vera which I usually have in hand due to my constant usage of it for vanity purposes. I cut away the skin of the aloe vera leaf and made a paste to put on Ethaniel's wounds. The wound was as large as the palm of my hands. Due to the pain, I was not able to put whole pieces on it, so, I squeezed the gel onto the wound and summon Joel to get Paracetamol as a pain killer for this little boy who was in obvious excruciating pain.

It was a daunting sight.

He was brave.

After 10 mins, he was still in a lot of pain, so we decided to take him to the Emergency Ward of Sime Darby Medical Centre in Subang Jaya (used to be known as SJMC). Arriving at the hospital, I could see people in face mask. H1N1. What a place to be at 12.10am.

Ethaniel was wheeled in. After watching ER on TV, one tend to have a distorted expectations of having doctors and nurses running to you when you enter the emergency door. To summarise it, it was a disappointing experience. For a burn case anyway. Was not dramatic at all.

The doctor ordered the nurse to give Ethaniel some paracetamol through the anus. There is name for that medication, but trust me to forget that scientific name. I thought they were going to give him an injection. So, imagine me staring at him for another 25 mins in excruciating pain. Why do someone wants to go to the Emergency if not to have immediate cure. Anyway. After collating enough information, I realised that once the painkiller kicks in, the nurse will wash his wounds with saline and apply a cream.

OK, OK, call me a skeptic but I could easily have done that at home. Obviously my ignorance in how hospitals treat burn patients was a wasted trip and 1.5 hours of wasted time. The aloe vera which I used to treat him was a much much better way. It heals the wound naturally and as I observed it, the scalded flesh was from inflamed red to pink and slowly looking less scary. I use it when I get oil splashes during my cooking sessions too. It works perfectly and leaves no scars.

Of course, for Ethaniel's case it was more serious, his scalded stomach caused the skin to peel showing pink flesh. Eeewww.... Poor boy. Anyway, Thank God it wasn't his face or eyes.

After reaching home at 1.30am, I took more aloe vera, de-skinned it, laid it on the wounds, covered it with gauze and taped it up.The next morning, I took out his patch and saw that the wound was healing nicely. This aloe vera work wonders! And not forgetting to thank Ethaniel's guardian angel for taking care of him again after the drowning and "sand-in-eye" episode (for those who read the blog post which I took out)

I wonder if the guardian angel is standing beside God complaining of all the hard work he has been putting in for the last month. Hmm....

Have you seen a cuter or more adorable smile? Bet you never.


reanaclaire said...

ouch... Chris..that is scary.. must be real painful for him, thank God he is alright...i better plant some aloe vera too .. yes, i heard it works wonders too..

irish daisies said...

awww im glad he is pbetter.. i love aloe! its some great stuff. i hope you have been ding well. i havent been on as much as well. been busy playing wiht our toys :)