Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"Its all your fault!" I pointed to my belly.

"What?" Joel and Ethaniel turned.

Streaks of stretch marks doubled after 2 pregnancies. Its fun to be able to blame the children for something ;-)

"I used to have a stomach like yours, you know?" I stared at his belly enviously.

"No wonder you don't wear bikini" said Joel as if enlightenment has come to him, at last. Actually there are more reasons than stretchmarks that makes me stay away from bikinis... but I should not elaborate.

Ethaniel came over and touched. I thought he was interested to see the ordeal I had to live with... instead...

"Hey Koh Koh, you see, it moves like a blubber. Mummy stomach moves so much when I poke it. Hahaha", Ethaniel was doubling over with laughter.

This is what I call.... Backfired.


eugene said...

hey,dropping by again,,,, just finished reading your post.

Backfired? then do something about it,hahahahahah.

take care now, my friend

Vikki Lyn said...

awww kids... you just got to love them :)