Thursday, September 10, 2009

2 Piano Teachers

In the last few days, I have decided that I will take up piano. I have wanted to play piano almost forever but never had the opportunity.

My children, have been taking piano lessons. Joel (12+ yo) for the last 1 year and Ethaniel (7+ yo) for the last 4 months.

When I expressed my interest to pick up piano, you should have seen the eager teachers!!! Both of them were so zealous.

"I want to sit beside, Mum," chirped the little teacher

"You move to the other side," insist the bossy teacher

"Mum, Mum, here's what you do," both teachers talking at the same time!

"Good job, Mum," compliments the bossy teacher

"Wow," claps the little teachers

"No! Mummy needs to play this page first before that!" insist the bossy teacher with a sharp look

I was amused.

I noticed the difference between the two teachers. One is so systematic and insist that I begin with page 1 and continue page by page. Whilst the other younger teacher insist that I play the piece he has just finished learning, without looking at the book, just "look at me, like this, Mum!" Obviously my Son thinks that I am some prodigy!! Haha.

How to learn just by looking? After 2 kids, brain cells have decreased in numbers, you know? I have a hard time trying to recall what I went upstairs to take!!!

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reanaclaire said...

hey Chris, i have been thinking about that, i mean taking up piano lessons, at my age too! But unlike u, i dont hv two eager teachers so willing to teach me, my girl is not giving me any encouragement, meaning she wont teach me, (she stopped after grade 1).. and now my piano is like a white elephant at home.. at least u have 2 teachers.. free some more.. i guess i have to pay for mine.. :(