Friday, December 11, 2009

National Science Centre Trip

This year, I was just too lazy occupied to organise a birthday party for Ethaniel. Eventhough he had wanted one.

In the past, I managed to organise birthday parties for both of my sons for the longest time. As late as last year, Ethaniel still had a party. I just couldn't manage one this time round. The thought of planning, cooking, preparing, entertaining and cleaning was more than I could bear!

I felt bad.

He had wanted heaps of presents from his friends. I know, its nice to have heaps of presents eventhough half of them are either pencil cases or books. Nevertheless, its still nice. He is just 8 years old and the joy of birthday parties are still great!

So, instead of managing 20 children in a party, I have decided to bribe offer to take a few of his friends to a place of his choice and enjoy 1 whole day of fun, companionship and memorable activities. Well, he chose National Science Center in Bukit Kiara and we went on 30 Nov 09, Monday. The place is huge, fun, educational, cheap and surely able to keep his other 8 years old friends occupied. Nobody will be bored or restless, hopefully. Let's see... who is in his guest list.... Matt and Jon from BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), Timothy & Stef (cousins) and The Thomas's children. So, in all, there will be 8 children inclusive of Joel, his evil twin.

A carload full of ethaniel's friends

The Little Boy aka Robot Monster

The children at Science Center

Trying their hands at taking out the rope from the metal loop at the Science Centre

They spent a few hours at the Science center and then we proceeded to a open playground for them to play. The lake opposite Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya seemed to have a great playground, not the best but nice enough. They had a great time running around and really sweat it out!!!


Joel and Timmy


Happy Birthday Ethaniel. I hope you had a great time hanging out with you friends.

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