Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Full-Time Employment

I recently decided that I was ready to market myself for full time employment.

The last time I worked full-time was 10 years ago. Since then, I have been working part-time and from home. That gives me flexibility to cook inbetween emails, wash the toilets and then make calls to Suppliers, run to grocery shopping and return to my filing, sending out faxes to the Media at 1am in the morning, etc.

How does it feel again to be able to totally concentrate on work without the kids fighting at the background?





Well, all those wonderful thoughts were dashed like a broken vase, today... Apparently, according to the potential Employer, he is NOT flexible for me to pick my kids up everyday at 3pm.

Looks like I have to find a Transporter or I will have to say 'bye bye' to this new excitement which is bubbling over (or is it the Rootbeer which was too gassy in my stomach?)


Never mind.

Surely something will come along. Soon.

*fingers and toes crossed*

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