Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Have you ever wondered why children's book fonts are size 20 or more, while adult books are about size 10 or 12?

Would 4 years old children have problem looking at words, that publishers actually print such huge fonts?


On the other hand...

Would a 40 years old and above adult have problems looking at words with font size 10?

A huge, "Yes!"

Of late, I realised the font sizes of most books are shrinking.

Are they cutting down on ink cost?

Are papers expensive?

Are the Extreme environmentally friendly people turning publishers?

What is wrong with this world?

They are making life difficult for me.

Not only do I have to squint my eyes to read those books but somehow, they (the publishers) have incorporated some kind of magical papers in them, as well. But this only happens with book having small fonts ... E.g. If I usually hold the books about 1.4 ft away while I read. I would have to hold it 1.8 ft away. Any nearer, it becomes blurry and unreadable. It has to be at the right distance.



Honestly, just a year ago, it was OK (publishers were great people) and suddenly overnight they start shrinking fonts. This is causing a lot of frustration.

Since I am on the subject of shrinking.... They did that to the needle hole, as well! It used to take me 5 seconds to get the thread into the needle hole but since the shrinking, it took me 10 mins before I gave up and asked my elder son to do it for me.

What is wrong with this people??!!!

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