Saturday, October 2, 2010

Goodbye Sony, Hello Samsung

I have gazed into the screen of my Sony Ericsson various times and promised everlasting...

... faithfulness

.... loyalty

.... never to look upon another phone with the intention of longing to purchase....

It was my companion through the ups and downs in the journey of life for almost 2 years.

I have to admit that it was no celebrity phone with iphone features or look.

It didn't matter. I was happy. Satisfied.

I kept my promise.

....till death did we part....

It was a horrible death. No one should die like that. Drowned in pee. But I believe it was quick and painless. But still.

The grieving totalled a full day.

I never really bid goodbye. I was busily thinking of ways to replace it... Er... I mean, how to function without a phone.

The male members of the household basically decided on the type of phone. Not only that, they joined the bandwagon. Hopped in. Took the same ride. Returned home with one exactly the same.

So, goodbye Sony, hello Samsung.

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