Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday, Joel

To My firstborn son,

You are fourteen
A number neither big nor small
A season of fun and all
Life of carefree calls

I have enjoyed your company
Not denying that your tricky
behaviour at times equates to the monkey
Drawing me to the point of insanity

Since you and i
Are still alive
We must have worked a partnership

I have enjoyed the jokes you churn out
You have overtaken me with your sarcasm and wicked sense of humor
Making me laugh with your lame remarks
Like the one about the hospital having a HOSPITAL sign on it
Kept me amused for weeks

This year has been a year of change
Good changes
New friends, school and house
Hope you continue to enjoy your life
I hope awesomeness becomes your life
For today and always
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