Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tips on Driving to Thailand - Part 1

Amazingly delicious Thai salad.  Fried anchovies, dried shrimp, cashew nuts, lemon grass, roasted squid, lemon and wrapped with that green leaf.  Mouth drooling....

Driving holidays to Thailand can be fun to those who are adventurous and enjoy the flexibility.

Its not just a holiday. Its life experiences.

Venturing to small little towns, restaurants, shops and chalets. Even discovering 'treasures' which money cannot buy. How do we put a price tag on life experiences that enriches our soul and makes us feel, "been there, done that" sense of achievement.

My family and I have driven to Thailand from Selangor, Malaysia twice for 2 consecutive years - 2009 and 2010. It has been an enjoyable experience. To say the least.

When I tell people about the driving holidays to Thailand, they will usually give a bewildered look. Something along the lines ....

"Are you crazy?"


"Who do you usually hang out with? Well, whoever it is, you gotta stop!"

or maybe

"Its been some years now that the aeroplane has been invented. You know?"

and occassionally

"How awesome is that?! Not."

I would have reacted the same way if I had not experienced 3 years of numerous inter-state holidays in our faithful Mazda Tribute SUV... From Bangkok to Phuket. Even to Chiang Rai.


Driving from Malaysia was a whole different experience.

I will try to compile some information which I think will be useful.

Till the next post.....

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