Monday, October 29, 2007


I have seen many of my friends blogging. I thought it is an interesting thing. Writing your thoughts and allowing it to be read publicly (almost). I am sure its a therapy of some sort to write your thoughts down... I do that too but many things were private, so, it was more of a "journal" or "diary" rather than blogging.

I am not sure what caused the change of mind. Suddenly, I felt like blogging! Its probably a new season for me. Allowing changes to come into my life. To blog it might be a good idea. Who knows? Maybe, this might be kept for future for my children to see. To look back to the past, something about their Mommy. Maybe for myself too. How I have grown.... older? ha ha

Since I was pretty young, that would be easily a million years ago... Not, literally but it feels like it. I loved to write. So, does Lee Lian, my older (and wiser) sister. She did share with me her desire to write a book. So, I guess, most bloggers, like me are embarking into some sort of writing but in a less pressuring, cheaper and no expectations kind of way.

So, this is the beginning of my journey into "blogging hood".

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