Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rock climbing

Initially upon arrival in Bangkok, we bumped into a group of rock climbing enthusiast. This group, under the company of Proclimbers has groomed a few gold medalist in Asia for the 10 years old category. When Joel (my elder son) had been very interested in this sport since his first encounter in Awana Genting Highlands. So, he decided to pick up the sport. He seriously started training in March 07.

Bangkok is a huge city. From one end of the city to another, its takes hours. Sometimes not inclusive of traffic jam. Coming from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, it is uncommon for us to travel far. In Malaysia, we were 5 min from Giant Supermarket, 7 min from local banks, 10 mins from church, 15 mins from One Utama shopping mall, etc. Now, we had to travel an average of 30-45 mins to the nearest indoor rock climbing gym in Lad Phrao, Big C. It is a weekly affair. During competition training, like now, we have to go for an average of twice a week. This really takes a lot of adjustment.

Rock climbing is not a popular sport amongst children in Thailand, according to Majid, the rock climbing Coach. Majid is an Iranian who has married a local Thai woman. He has been in Thailand for 6 years. The Thai children, especially boys, prefers to play internet games, electronic games e.g. gameboy, PSP rather than sweat it out.

Majid is very dedicated. He makes a lot of effort to train the children and I am impressed with his commitment.

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