Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Garden

Eventhough I titled this post as "The Garden"... actually it should be "What Garden?".

It was basically a disgraceful heap of mess. A real eye-sore to the inhabitant of the home-dwellers.

Therefore, no one was invited over to our new house, unless they insisted to invite themselves (No one will be named here).

In April 2010, it was a heap of mess. About 4 cars of dump was needed to
get rid of all this mess

View of the rubbish from another view

In May 2010, it was getting better but works were still going on here and there.
So, it was impossible to totally get rid of the mess. Please note that
by then, we had moved in (For info, the One Big Mess in white shirt and
black shorts, above, is still around. Don't think I will be able to rid of him for the next 30 years or so ;-))

Then "The Garden" was just there.


Just there.

Mess and all.

The initial plan was to plant grass for the whole 2000 sq ft. Then, it was stalled.

Did I want to spend RM5,000.00 to plant, just grass? The guy was charging RM2.50 per sq ft. Its probably reasonable. It would have been more worth it (according to me) if it was lettuces or pak choy or kai lan. But then again, no one actually ask a grass planter to plant vegetables instead of grass on their lawn. Also, the kids might have difficulty walking on it.

So, I sat on the idea.

And sat.

And sat.

Then suddenly.... Yes. Suddenly.

... I was finished "sitting on the idea"!

(I can hear the family members screaming from the background, "Its about time!!!")


1 week ago, I got 2 workers to clear all the mess and filled a whole load of dump truck with all kinds of rubbish from The Garden.

... The Garden is *drum roll*


No more Rubbish!!!

See, I told you... clean... desert...

Full... of rubbish

I will let you know what we are going to do with "The Garden". Its going to be a family project. Its a DIY thing. I am so excited! Just thinking about it (makes me tired), er, I mean adrenaline rush.

Stay tuned.

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Corine Jansz said...

LOL! WOW! what a transformation! We'll visit, AGAIN, once your garden is ALMOST completed!