Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Care vs Indifference

A few days ago, I was at the Indian Mamak shop packing food.

The queue was long and the space was tight.

After getting my rice, I wanted to backtrack to get some vegetables, so, I request for the young man to excuse me, while I needed some standing space. He was kind enough to let me through. While I was taking the stuff, which will total 5-10 seconds, the Restaurant Waiter gave an impatient remark because I was kinda in the way.

I was busy trying to hurry, so, I neither heard his remark or saw his face reaction.


I heard the young man clearly rebuking him to be patient, for it will only take awhile.

I paused for a second and did not know how to react to this young man, standing up for a stranger, like me.

I was touched.

I went up to him and thank him for standing up for me and he gave me a very gracious, "Its OK".

Another scenario:

We were having family lunch at the same shop and have been trying to order something from the waiter for quite awhile. Then, a waiter stopped at the table next to ours. I kept waving to him but he did not take notice.


The couple sitting on that table heard us clearly and even turned to give an indifferent stare. After looking at us a few seconds, knowing clearly that we were trying to get the attention of the waiter who was still standing next to their table, they returned to whatever they were doing.

I was shocked.

Such indifference.

The waiter walked away.

Now, I have a big question in my head.

Why the indifference or care. What causes someone to take the trouble to stand up for a stranger and another to totally ignore.

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