Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 2: To Thale Noi, Patthalung

Thale Noi is the largest bird sanctuary and conservation in Thailand.

Its not exactly crowded because you would have to love nature to enjoy this place. I do.

We took a long tail boat at 5.45pm. Because according to a write up I read in the internet, it gets really hot in the afternoon. So its better to ride either early in the morning or evening. My preference would have been early morning because the water Lilies closes in the evening. Anyway.

It took up to 30 mins to reach the other side of the lake with a bridge and water buffaloes. Yes, its that huge. So the whole trip was about 1 hour and cost THB 400.

The evening ride was amazingly peaceful, cooling and in awe of the effort put in by the Thai to give the birds a sanctuary.

Pink Water lilies growing everywhere. Not many birds, though.

We spent a night in a chalet called Lan Bua Resort for THB800. Has 2 queen beds. Just perfect for us.

This is a small and peaceful town. Nothing much to do but we did get to a two seater bicycle and rode along the town. Which was really interesting for the boys. And fun too.

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