Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday, Ethaniel!

The days pass too quickly. Not that I am complaining. Glad that the diaper days, waking up in the night, potty training and all the drudgery of taking care of young babies has passed by. Gone.

Not sure when the baby in them actually grows up but outwardly, I have this cute little Ethaniel, all grown up.

He actually wanted to have a party for his birthday but since the The Garden was not ready, I told him that we will do it next year and he readily and cooperatively agreed.

We did a few things to celebrate his birthday over the last few days. Let's see... what did we do...

On the day of his birthday, he had a bad headache, so I excused him from school. For lunch, I took him to his favorite food, Bah Kut Teh (Pork soup). He ate 3 plates of rice!

The next day, we went to Shah Alam Park to try out the Skytrax but unfortunately we did not make bookings, so, they had no place for us. So, we went around the park on the mini bus, since we were already there. Mum had a great idea! Let's play ATV! A new place just opened near our home.

The boys love ATV and played it often throughout our 3 years stay in Bangkok, Thailand. Its difficult to get such an opportunity in Malaysia. Well, what do you know? One opened up 5 months ago, just 5 mins away from our home :-) The route is not as challenging as the ones in Thailand but it will do.

He had heaps and heaps of fun. With all the mud everywhere, due to rain.

The birthday ended with a meal at TGIF and his birthday monies put into his bank account, requested by him.

This year, most of the activities was haphazard because Mum was pretty occupied with other things on her mind... But all the same, I LOVE YOU, BABY! Err, I mean, little boy :-)
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