Friday, March 11, 2011

Detoxify: Day 2

The Lemonade with Sugar Cane is actually a delicious drink. The cayenne pepper adds a spicy flavour to it. The Lemonade covers the actual flavour of the sugarcane.

Today I did the same routine as yesterday.

Drank one litre of salt solution. The night before, I drank a laxative tea aka slimming tea. That woke me at about 6am. To... you know what. I had to sit there for at least 30 mins. So naturally I took something to read.

I still drank heaps of water to take away the hunger pang which doesn't really wants to go away. Shoo!! Go away!

Today was much better than Day 1 because I replaced the drink with Sugar Cane rather than water mix with maple syrup.

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Blur Ting said...

Keep it up! By the third day, you will no longer feel hungry. In fact, you might even start to drink less.

It has been several weeks since I finished my detox and I am pleased that I have not gained all the weight back. It is now at the ideal level.

I feel healthy and rejunevated. You can do it too!