Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mommy's Day Out to Singapore

After the 3 days intense training, I had a lot of time to hang loose.... The feeling is awkward because it has been ages... A VERY LONG TIME AGO.... when I traveled alone. I usually travel either with the children or hubby. Even if I travel by myself, it not more than 2 or 3 days. But now, I have 11 days by myself.... Hmm... what do I do?

I didn't really have any planned itinerary. For once, I wanted to play-by-ear. Meaning, do whatever I want, whenever I want it without a planned schedule. To my surprise, it worked out pretty well. On some days, I just slept late and others, I stayed up late. No curfew except for the MRT or last bus service.

The efficiency of the MRT and buses were exceptional and I traveled everywhere with either one of the services except to and from the airport. I used the taxi. It was too difficult to carry my heavy luggage all by myself.

Snippets of my trip to Singapore:

Boarding pass

Vivo city. I think it's a very new shopping centre in Singapore.

Char Kueh Teow at Vivo City. Very yummy. Cost SGD4.00 (RM10/THB100) per plate.

A mobile pre-paid card by Starhub in Singapore

I had a very good break. It was a very pleasant time hanging out with some very very old friends from school days and new friends too. I had a great time laughing, socializing and eating... I really believe that having a break is good for the soul. I highly recommend to all you stay-at-home Mummies.

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