Monday, June 30, 2008

What Do You Do During Rainy Season?

I will never know what the children do during rainy days.... till I go out of the house and see this.

What is it?

How do you build one of this?

A steel table, a large piece of canvass and 2 very adventurous and creative boys....

Joel & Ethaniel peeking out of their "hut"

Is it fun?

You bet!!!

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JO-N said...

So creative and that's fun.

Kellan said...

Now that looks like just the kind of fun my kids would love!!!

Send some of that rain to Texas - WE NEED THE RAIN!

Take care - Kellan

GarGies said...

That's awful cute!

CY said...

Haha, your kids are just awesome, Chris. We had a lovely time when they came over. Miss them so much..n my kids too...:(