Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mother's Day Out

I have enrolled myself in a homeschooling training organised by Teach Asia in Singapore. Their program is ACE curriculum which I have heard about but never really seen or attended their training. This is my first time attending a training organised by them.

Both the children, Joel & Ethaniel is at home with the maid & Dad for two weeks. My first time leaving home without them or hubby. My Israel trip in April 08 paved the way for me... and them getting used to me going away. I recently read a book that said "Motherhood is a temporary job and not an identity". I laughed! Its time I learn to let go... but they are just 6 and 11 years old.... Anyway.

I must say that it feels awfully strange sitting on the flight without knowing the person beside me. Usually its my little Ethaniel or Joel. A good looking Indian guy sat beside me and I said "Hi". That was the conversation for the whole 2 hours trip. His body odour cum cologne was killing me!!

I called the children at home and spoke to them for almost 20 mins.... just checking on what they are doing... Its nice to hear their voice.

Not only children goes through stages in their lives... so does Mothers.


GarGies said...

HI! That's why you were so silent for these 2 weeks. Busy, busy, busy, I suppose.

Good thing you are doing. Really respect you for the all-out way you are going to educate and bring up your sons. With great moms like you, my children will be fighting it tough in their future.

Hope to get some tips from you now and then, perhaps?

Have a nice day.

CY said...

Yeah sis. Chris is a wonderful Mom and has teach SH a few tips or so in bringing up Jason and Joanna. Thanks Chris and have a wonderful trip. Yeah, u have been silent recently. Can understand. Take care.