Monday, June 2, 2008

Emotional & Physical Pain

Yesterday I was watching a documentary on TV. There is a couple in UK who experiments the effects of the brain when experiencing the pain of rejection and actual physical pain.

Are there any difference to the brain?

Apparently not.

When a person experiences emotional rejection, a part of the brain is triggered. The same part of the brain is triggered when a physical pain is inflicted.

So, the next time we see someone in a state of rejection, eventhough there are no physical bandages, the emotional pain is similar to someone with a broken arm or leg. We should try to be kind, sensitive and compassionate.

Interesting eh?


Kellan said...

I've never heard that and that is very interesting! I will keep this in mind from now on! Have a good week - see you - Kellan

Angela said...

That is interesting.
Although I do think that emotional pain is sometimes worse, because it can last so much longer.

JO-N said...

Emotional pain is so much more difficult to heal. Nice facts.