Sunday, July 12, 2009

Little Surprises Life Hands Me

My son, Joel came back from Church this Sunday afternoon (I stayed back because I was not feeling well) and raced upstairs with something in his hand. I had earlier told them not to pack lunch for me because I had just wanted to eat oats and cereals.

As he walked towards me, he lifted his hands and uncovered the plastic and said, "Hi Mum, I have a cheese tart for you".

I was delighted... till I saw it was half a tart.

I gave an exaggerated frown and said, "Half only ah?"

He quickly added, "I only bought one and I share my half with you".


I asked for him to come over for a cuddle for being so thoughtful and coming upstairs to say "Hi" to his good ole Mummy before he scrambled infront of the TV (we just subscribed to Astro yesterday). Which he quickly gave a smile and ran downstairs. Oh well. A few minutes of bliss is better than none.

His younger brother, the little boy came upstairs to say 'Hi' but was looooooong gone before I had the chance to finish calling his name.

The power of TV.

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reanaclaire said...

the bliss of motherhood! God bless u and family, Chris..