Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little Baby Ryan

"He is so red and beautiful" staring at Baby Ryan through the glass window. The exact same hospital Ethaniel was born.

Mixed parentage of Chinese and Eurasian, Baby Ryan has a good chance of having model looks and color too. Unlike my children who looked typical Chinese, small eyes and flat noses upon birth. Not that I am complaining, they now look like the most stunning young man in the whole of Malaysia. A little exaggerated but only a little.

I was not sure how to describe the emotions of seeing a newborn baby. After all it was 7+ years ago which I last held one. My very own little Ethaniel. The feelings is just so special. A special gift from tiny, so perfect, so innocent, so angelic... It just melted my heart.

Congratulations to Corrine and Kerwin for the birth of their newborn on Sunday 14 June at 11.44am.

Go to Corrine's blog to see his photo. I will post some photos when I get my hands on some.

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reanaclaire said...

ok, chris..will go there now to see baby ryan... God bless!