Monday, July 6, 2009

Where Is It??????

3 July 2009

I hear the usual noises made by pork seller every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I opened my eyes and saw that it was 7.45am. I remembered that I needed to get some mince pork.

Sleepily I dragged my heavy feet and butt to the bathroom to change my pajamas. I might scare the poor fella if he sees me in my sexy lingerie, I mean hole-ly sleepwear.

Still half or rather three quarters asleep, I unlocked the main wooden door and made my way to the gate. Trying to unlock the padlock that locks the gate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 30 days in a month, 375 days in a year.... (Of course minus that few minutes a day when we need to go in and out the house). I discovered that not only the padlock was not there, but neither was the metal that was attacked to the gate, holding the padlock. I felt something amiss but my sleepy brain could not process the magnitude. So, I walked towards the Pork Seller and purchased some minced pork.

Re-entring the house, I looked towards the direction where my Hubby usually parks his Toyota Rush. Looking and staring.... Then I went through it over my mind.... I woke up this morning and Hubby was still sleeping. Why is the car not there? I quickly went to look at the set of keys in the drawers. It was there but the car is not.


The car is stolen!!!!!

I raced upstairs... "The car is stolen!" "The car is stolen!"

The whole family was still fast asleep with saliva drooling from the sides of their mouth *slurp*.

My first question, "Does the car insurance cover theft?" Yes, it often boils down to dollars and cents. Sentimental value on a 2 months old car, still not very strong, yet. But an emotional tie to Mr $ can be very strong even after knowing him for 1 minute. Eventhough we are not good friends, I hear a lot about him. I know my children fantasizes a lot about him and the things they can get through him.

After recollecting our thoughts ....

What to do next?

Call the police....

All this transacted in Bahasa Malaysia...



This is the police station

I want to report the lost of my car. It was stolen from my house in .....

I see. Can you come to the police station to make a report?

I said that I lost my car???!!!!! You want me to go to the police station? What if I did not have a car???? After all, my car has just been stolen!!! *frustrated*


We made the police report and all Ethaniel could think about throughout the one hour plus ordeal was, "Can we eat something? I am hungry". How different the children's priorities can be at a time like this?

It was a very memorable day.

The insurance will reimburse 100% but only after 3 months. Looks like inconvenience will roam the air for a some time.


shoppingmum said...

Sorry to hear about your lost car! Gee...taking about padlock, we din use one for as long as we moved here, and really no one locks in gate in the mooban. :P But when I was back home, not locking the gate and grill door is a big no no.
Glad that your insurance covers 100%!

reanaclaire said...

Aiyoh.. so easy to steal the toyota rush right in front of your house.. terrible..sorry to hear that.. i never lock my car at night at times.. reading your post, i better do it.. but then if they want to take it, they have their ways even locked or padlocked..
yes, consolation is, they replace your car with a new one. that is a great relief!

Agnes said...

so sorry to hear that. I know how you feel when u lost your car coz we lost our Toyota Wish (4 months) now i told myself dun buy Toyota car in Malaysia.

irish daisies said...

wow, i am so sorry about your car getting stolen. thank you so much for the birhtday wish. i hope you have a better week!