Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Lesson On Caring About Others

The cyclone disaster that hit Myanmar recently has killed at least 100,000 people. They are expecting many more to die as the after effects of the disaster.

Myanmar and Thailand borders each other. It probably takes 3 hours on car to get to the nearest border of Myanmar. As a result, many of them comes to Thailand to work. So, we have friends who have families affected by the cyclone and that's really sad.

I spoke to Joel and Ethaniel about how the cyclone has affected the Myanmar people. Challenging both of them to understand that these people are without food, shelter, hygiene facilities and many people are dead and they need our help.

Me: Would you like to donate some of your monies to help this people?

Joel: Yes. I will give them THB500 (RM50 / USD18)

Ethaniel: I don't think so.

Joel: You know this people are very hungry and without food. How would you feel if you don't have food to eat? Huh? Huh? Buying ATV is not more important that food, you know?

Ethaniel: I don't know. OK. I will give all my monies (That is almost THB4,000 (RM400 / USD150)

After a little bit of conversation regards to the people of Myanmar....

Ethaniel: I think I will give THB100

Me: That's OK. However much you give, it will make a difference to someone there. Most importantly, it comes from your heart.

This day, my children get a lesson to care about others more than themselves. I hope that they will continue to learn lessons like that all throughout their lives. The same lessons that Jesus has been teaching us, all throughout the bible and through His life.


Kellan said...

You have good children!! How sweet they would give their money.

Take care - Kellan

JO-N said...

You are great to seize this opportunity to teach your children. You have wonderful children, Chris.

Angela said...

good lesson

Mary Ann said...

We brought our 4 daughters and their husbands to Thailand 4 months ago. It was a trip of their dreams. We stayed in Bangkok, Chaing Rai, and Pukett. We love everything about your country and its people. I am going to enjoy getting to know you through your blog. Thanks for writing!

Kellan said...

Hope you are doing well - nice to see you today! Have a good Monday - Kellan

Deana E said...

how sweet...