Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Catching Up with Friends in Singapore

I have known Paul since we were 15 years old. After high school he moved away and we have just re-connected this year via Facebook. What do you know?

He and his wife works in Singapore.

It was great to have managed to catch up with him. According to his wife, with people whom he is not familiar, he is usually quiet. Obviously he is VERY familiar with me ;-)

We had a great time chatting and I was really encouraged by the many things he shared to me from his own bible reading revelations.

The church I currently attend encourages us to finish reading the bible in one year. So, I am all for reading the bible. What more, I have just purchased 2 bibles from Singapore - New Living Translation (NLT). Very easy to read and understand. Obviously suitable for both my sons. I am using it for the moment....


Kevin on the other hand is a new friend whom I met whilst on tour in Israel in April 08.

We had a great time dining at an Airport Chinese restaurant and then dessert at Swensen's.

Since I was suppose to hang loose, Kevin was just the ideal person to "hang" with. He is just so funny. Great sense of humor and did crack some crappy jokes which both of us understood and laughed about.

I don't have enough friends with such crazy sense of humor. Life is just too serious.

Thanks Kevin for those great laughs! Let's hang out when you come to Bangkok.

Shot of Kevin at Jericho, Israel

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