Thursday, January 22, 2009

Joyce Meyer & Hillsong in Chiang Mai, Thailand - Part 1

I went to Joyce Meyer & Hillsong, Festival of Life in Chiang Mai with a friend's church. They rented two 11-seater van which was very comfortable. There were many pee stops and we still managed to reach within a reasonable timing.

The first night, there were to be a concert by Hillsong & local church groups.

A group photo with the gang

The MC for the night

One of the local band.... wearing cowboy hats...

Gsus7 team members which consist of mostly girls... Sorry for the blur photo. That's the best shot of them.

Joyce Meyer didn't preach the first night. There were at least 3 local church bands which led in praise and worship. One of the band was a famous Christian local band named Gsus7. They even have their own recording albums. Good singers and good looking guys/girls. It was mostly in Thai and unfamiliar songs. So, I didn't really enjoy the first night.

Well, what do you know... I managed to snap a photo with Hillsong co-songleader and guitarist

The stadium was packed with mostly Thai and some foreigners, like me

This is my first time attending a live Hillsong concert. I didn't really know what to expect. I am not the very expressive type who jumps with fast and loud beat songs. In fact, I found their music a little too loud for my ears. Then again, what do you expect? Hillsong caters for the young people. Well, I am young... in the heart, anyway. It didn't really help that I was way near the front of the stage. Understanding the consequences of that, I had some cotton in my ears... ;-)

I was really blessed seeing the stadium being so crowded with people praising and worship all together. There were easily 10,000 people, if not more.

The weather was very beautifully cool... where is my blanket? Grrrrggghhh... *shivers*

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Huang Yu-Qiong said...

Hi Christina,

Go to you picture, the one on the crowd. You can see a very clear spot above the people. If you were to use Microsoft Office Picture Manager and ligthen the brightness, you will find many spots. These are what some say is the present of the Spirit, angels, etc. Just thought it is interesting.

Pei said...

Hillsong is one of my fav!