Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 4: Still in Palong Village...

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Day 3: Palong Village

This will be our last day in the Palong village, Chiang Dao. We will be leaving at about 3pm, so that Khun Rat can get a bus back to Bangkok by this evening.

The last 2 days we have not been able to get Pastor Somboon's attention. He has been deeply troubled since we arrive because he was cheated of some money by a gang of 6 people who drugged him. So, he was really worried and upset. For good reason since the money was used to purchase crops for the work of the villagers.

Mary has been keen to speak to him but due to the issues he was facing, it was difficult. He had to go to Chiang Mai to report to the police. Anyway, he was just not in the right state of mind.

This was our last day and Khun Rat took the opportunity to sit together with him at the breakfast table to encourage him. When the rest of us awoke to join them at the breakfast table, I shared with him a very important key of freedom, which was forgiveness. He has been separated from his wife for the last 10 years and this has caused a lot of bitterness, resentment and anger within his heart.

We spoke to him for almost 1 hour plus before he was willing to forgive his wife and daughter for all the grievances which they have caused him. After that, it was an amazing change on his face!!! All the heaviness and worry just left his face.

Mary spoke a word to him and said, "God has delivered you from hell today". Indeed, the destructiveness of unforgiveness.

We were all very excited to see the change and freedom he has received. We prayed that God will help him to regain the money taken by the thieves. After that, he had to hurry of because the Thai Police Officer came to see him regards to the theft.


In the last few months, the government of Thailand has given the Palong villager a new land. This new place which is about 1km from their current place will be able to house 93 families. Each house is given THB3,000 worth of materials to build. Its not enough to build the toilets, though.

We have been requested to go there to pray for their homes and land.

Walking towards the new land. It was really dusty due to the dry winter season

They work together to build homes for each other

One of the land of the villager

Limited tools to work with. Indeed its hard work

Khun Rat taught the "doll method" to the Assistant Pastor and some village women. It's a very effective evangelism tool to the Thai people.

Ethaniel and Joel made friends with the Palong boys and they ran around the area exploring grounds. It was great seeing them making friends, eventhough they cannot speak the language. I saw them running together with a group of Palong boys across to the other side of the village, being adventurous. Well done, boys! (It would be horrifying for me to see them sitting around looking bored or isolating themselves from these Palong children)

After we finished praying, we left at about 3pm and drove towards Chiang Mai.

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