Friday, January 23, 2009

Joyce Meyer & Hillsong in Chiang Mai, Thailand - Part 2

To read Joyce Meyer & Hillsong in Chiang Mai, Thailand - Part 1

There was a conference on the 2nd day morning. The hall was fully packed and no registration was allowed. They had to turn away people. Good thing we registered before coming. Phew! The session in the morning from 9.00am to 12pm was with Joyce Meyer. It was too short!

She gave a very simple but powerful message of Thought Pattern & Attitude. I totally enjoyed her preaching and managed to type almost every word of her message onto my laptop, and have read it over and over again since then. It truly ministered to me. I knew that I needed that message and it greatly touched my heart.

I know I sound like I have been in the jungle for years... But I honestly have not heard her message before this. Neither have I seen her live. I was so touched by her practical, down-to-earth and transparent preaching that I visited her website and listened to almost all of her broadcast!!! I was truly blessed!!!! Go and visit her website to watch her on the internet.

Joyce Meyer is so real. As a person. She tells of her day-to-day struggle in almost every area of her life.

The famous Hillsong Australia

Reuben Morgan, Hillsong Australia... good looking, eh? I mean, such a good worship leader...ahem..

The famous, Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer who has been preaching for the last 30 years, I think. She has written 75 books in 8 languages and her TV program is in 37 channels all over the world. What an amazing woman of God! Can you believe that she is 66 years old???? She has a packed schedule to preach all over the world and all across America. She not only look so good and wrinkle-less, from where I am sitting, but energetic! Most people around that age sits at home waiting to "meet God". I told Joel her age he says, I wish my grandparents is that energetic!

Back left: Lydia & Pang, Australian backpackers
Front left: 3 ladies from Lydia's church

I bumped into Lydia & Pang near Lotus Hotel, Chiang Mai. Then, we bumped into two Australian backpackers at the Walking Market and brought them with us to the concert. It was funny because they have never been to a Hillsong concert in Australia and had to come to Thailand to see them live!

I met these Lahu girls at the end of the concert and I was so glad to meet them!

I would definitely go for another Joyce Meyer meeting in the future. Don't miss it if you have one near to where you are!


JO-N said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you, Chris and to your family too.

reanaclaire said...

wow..hillsong in chiang mai? i miss hillsong in KL.. it is 3 hours drive from my place.. hope i will be able to attend their concert next time..btw, chris,
have a blessed chinese new year...
may our good Lord continue to direct our paths...

veta said...

I love hillsong!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

irish daisies said...

i would have loved to have gone to that. happy chinese new year also