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Day 8 - Doi Inthanon

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The journey going up to Doi Inthanon, from Chiang Mai took about 2-3 hours with pee stops, photo stops and lunch. It was cold even during the day time. I can just imagine what it would be during the night time *shivers*

The road is not too narrow, so the driving up was enjoyable with beautiful mountain scenery here and there. The weather was beautiful. The sky was clear and the sun was shining.

Having lunch half way up to the Summit of Doi Inthanon. If you can observe, everyone is in sweaters but this little boy, Ethaniel is in his t-shirt and shorts. What is wrong with him?

This is a photo to prove that we were there. Everyone have to queue up to
take a photo at this spot.

We walked around at the Summit praying. This was part of the mission we had, to go around Thailand praying against strongholds and this was one of the spot. Mary opened the bible to the book of Isaiah 10 and prophesied it over the land of Thailand.

Praying and putting olive oil all around the shrine

After she finished praying, she saw a vision... A whirlwind was circling this mountain round and round going downwards. After a few rounds, it turned into fire and flew towards all of Thailand. And then God says that now, the harvest is ripe and open to the gospel of Christ!

At about the same time, Ethaniel walked over to me and said that he thinks that he is speaking in tongues. Hmm... I was a little puzzled because I have prayed for him almost a year ago. Just to confirm what he is saying, I asked him to speak and he was very fluent! Wow! Double wow! That was an amazing moment of miracle, breakthrough and evidence of God doing great things in Thailand in the life of this young boy. I was so filled with joy that words could not express my gratitude towards God's faithfulness.

Ethaniel & I enjoying a Mother & Son moment after knowing that he started speaking in tongues... It was a really sweet and memorable moment which I will never forget!

Playful together

We walked the Aang Ka Trail after leaving the Summit. Totally enjoyable and peaceful....

This trail is about 15-20 mins walk and very interestingly green... no flowers at all!

The beautiful green trees everywhere

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