Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 6 - At Lahu Village, Phrao

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Waking up in the morning is tough... It's nice to stay in the sleeping bag. The weather last night was freezing. The weather in the morning was also freezing.... ggggrrrhhh.... *shivers* Thank God I didn't have to wake up to pee last night. Its pitch dark outside.

We were cooked a hearty breakfast of sticky rice, steam rice, vegetables, salad of raw veges and chili. Such a heavy meal... This seems to be a common thing among villagers, but it will be impolite to reject such a wonderful gesture. So we ate. Food was yummy and helped to keep us warm on such a cold morning.

This is how the houses looked like in the Lahu village. Their houses are better built and is a little better than the Palong villagers. They even have refrigerators. A small luxury.

Lahu girls

The toilet

We had the meeting with the village women out here... Pastor Tina, Mary and I gathered to pray before we started the meeting

The morning meeting with the village women was about 10am. After lunch and a short rest, we had to leave to another Lahu village for a meeting. It will be a large gathering because its a joint meeting of 3 Lahu village. I had a short nap before we left to the meeting.... was still down with the flu. So, the short rest between meetings was really helpful to keep my energy going.

The Lahu girls singing and worshipping God. Looks like the whole church standing in front!

Mary praying for the Lahu Pastor and many others. Many were healed and blessed.

This is a picture of Mary weeping and holding the Lahu woman's feet. She later told me the reason why she knelt down there to weep for quite some time. It was very touching.... 4 years ago, God gave her a vision. It was a drawing she drew and pasted on her wall at home in Bangkok. Tonight, while praying for this woman, God gave her the same vision again and said that this woman's name is written in the Lamb Book of Life. Wow!

This meeting stretched till late at night. We had an hour dinner break. It was really funny eating dinner in the dark. For one, I had no clue what dishes it was.... chicken? Pork? Vege? I just thanked God for the food and ate... Everyone stood next to the table and gobbled up their food. Guessing the food as we tasted it! Pumpkin... pork... I really Thank God that Joel and Ethaniel was so flexible with their food that they had absolutely no problem eating. They neither complained nor fussed about the food. Chili or not. It was gobbled up. They are really missionary kids in the making!

I was tired because it was a long meeting stretching from 4pm to 9.30pm. It was also a very cold night. Joel and Ethaniel was running around, playing with the village children and some puppies. Joel had a great time playing with a bicycle which was brakeless. He climbed a hill and zoomed down... Eeehhhh... That was scary. I said a silent prayer of protection for him. Also had it in video.

That night, eventhough it was late, we decided to go back to Chiang Mai after the meeting. I was happy I could get a warm shower that night.

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irish daisies said...

thank you so much for sharing your photos and trip with everyone :)

Angela said...

Sounds like quite a trip and you will really have some memories