Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 3: Palong Village

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We had a hearty breakfast cooked by Pastor Somboon's sister. The delicious meals she cooked up was really great. Every morning at about 8am, I could smell delicious cooking coming upstairs. It was a great life. Hahaha. Infact, the food cooked tasted very much like what my late maternal Grandmother used to cook. Especially the chicken, as chewy as can be. Its unlike the chicken we eat in the city. These ones are reared here. No antibiotics for sure!

Vegetable soup, stir fry french beans and chicken fried with ginger.... Yummy!

We brought a lot of old children clothes, mostly belonging to Joel and Ethaniel when they were younger. I kept them for a long time and thought that its about time that it's given to someone who might need them. Indeed, it was a great blessing to those children. Seeing them so excited with their new clothes was enough joy for me.

Me, taking out the clothes to distribute to the Palong Mothers

This little boy was so excited about his new jacket that he insisted on wearing it and kept it on the whole day!

Ethaniel playing with the huge melons

That morning we had a teaching session with the women from the villagers. We spent the whole morning till about 2pm teaching and praying with them. I taught them what I knew best, Inner Healing. The first step to that would be forgiveness. A very important ingredient for healing of emotions. I was pleased to see the women actively asking one another for forgiveness. Such obedient hearts! There was unbelievable joy on their faces compared to before we started the training sessions. That is why I love to teach this topic. I always see God's blessing, healing and people set free when they let go of unforgiveness in their hearts.

Khun Rat is a great translator and teacher. I will explain something in English and she explains very well in Thai. Even giving out great examples to elaborate.

The Palong women in the middle and on the right did the most reconciliation... asking one another for forgiveness.

This little boy wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater which used to belong to Joel... sleeping quietly while his Mother listens to the teaching. Such a good boy.

Khun Rat praying with the women as they forgave one another

One of the thing which resulted during the prayer time was that the village women revealed that eventhough they are Christians, they still hold on to their previous practices of annually going to a "gate" and offering prayers to appease the "spirits".

We were to go there and pray, to bring down the strongholds which it signifies. The plan was to go around 3pm. Due to some delay, we went there around 5.30pm. It was getting dark, very fast. It was absolutely creepy. I tell ya!

We walked 500m to a nearby temple and then another 100m into an area which is in the middle of the jungle, adjacent to the temple.

Honestly, its the creepiest thing I have done so far! We had no light except a small light from my mobile phone and a small torch light owned by someone else. We walked 7 times around this "gate" and then shouted, "Jesus Reigns". After that, I hasten to leave this place. Eventhough feeling freaked out of my skin, I had to "be brave".... didn't want to scare my children, would I? Lol. They were so brave too!!!

What an experience!


conanima said...

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irish daisies said...

wow that must have been amazing. you are so blessed to have done that. so nice to see the children get the cloths from you. we donated our kids cloths to the church and that felt good. i can't imagine how good you felt :)

shoppingmum said...

I only know that the tree tribes are Christians, when I went to Chiangmai. Saw a church in the cultural village, and then found out from your blog.
You are truly amazing! I doubt that I can stay in the villages for so many days...