Sunday, June 28, 2009

More of Camporama

Whenever our children go somewhere without us, we have this hidden fear that they will not fair well. Mothers often think that they are indespensable , especially when the children are young . I wonder why we think that? Is it because we are overprotective? Or is it we the parents, actually misses the children more than they actually miss us?

I don't often leave the children, except if I did not have a choice. Which is also not often. I wish there were more occasions I can do that. Now that I am in Malaysia, there are more baby-sitters available. But from past experience, I realise that trips are much more fun with the kids. More laughters, chatters, mischieves, noises (too much sometimes), jokes, adventurous and fun. I am sure most parents out there feels that way. Or maybe not. Anyway.

Joel was talking about the Camporama days after he returned. He will sit down and tell us jokes which he has heard from his friends. Ethaniel and I will roll over with laughter. And he will choose a time when I need it most. Like when I was really frustrated about something or when I had a day under the weather.

"When you told me those jokes, were you trying to cheer me up?" I looked at him from the corner of my eyes.

He looked at me with a sweet and cheeky all at the same time and said, "Yes".

I thought to myself, when did he get so smart and thoughtful of his ole Mummy. No, not just now. He does try to please and I know that. As much as I try to please him by cooking the food which he likes. Its sure a give and take relationship. Isn't it all about? When we demand our children to do everthing perfectly all the time whilst we are being crappy parents, that's when we frustrate them. Or the other extreme when we give in to them all the time and expecting nothing from them. They become very self centred, self absorbed individuals. Thinking nothing about others.

Back to the Camporama....

He told me ....

About this iritating dorm leader who was really bossy and a "cold shower" for all the thinks they wanted to do, like chatting after the lights was out, making lots of noise and I thought it was reasonable. After all that's why Dorm Leaders are appointed. To keep the kids under control. Joel raised his voice a little, "But he is NOT even Our Dorm. He oversees the next dorm!" Now I see his point.

He threw a piece of paper filled with water into the bath when his friend J P was taking a shower. He bowled over with laughter.

He heard JP related an incident that happened in his own dorm. His dorm leader stood in front of the fan after a hot day of sweat and bad body odor. It almost killed them!

He repeated a few inappropriate jokes told by his friends but it made me laugh, nevertheless.

There were awesome food which he enjoyed. Feed him well and half of the battle is won.

Sounded like this young man had a real fun time. I am glad.

BTW, well done to the Royal Rangers for organising such a great Camporama!

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