Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Adventure Trip - Part 2

*Puffing* *hyper ventilating* "How far is the journey?" Realising that I have only just begun. In my panting overworked heart, I had enough. My muscles was screaming for help and my lack-of-exercise limps was ready to give up about 2 minutes after I started!

Mountain biking... Why? Why was it created in the first place? To torture lack-of-exercise people like me, obviously. No, no... I think it was created for human beings such as my Sons... Who has limitless energy and needed some releasing.

*still puffing*

"You can do it".

"Take your time".

"Try resting".

En & Angel, the Instructors cheered me on. I was embarrassed that I was holding the 20-years-old-something participants from an early arrival at the destination.

I tried. I really did.

I never knew gravity to pull this hard when going on mountain biking in FRIM. There must be some kind of sabotage going on... The uneven uphill path, pebbles and wet earth everywhere was no help either.

After what seemed to be forever.... At last, we arrived at the destination. I was never this happy to meet any team members as I did that afternoon. They sat nicely chatting away while I was still grasping for air.

This was before I almost died...

I vowed to exercise after leaving this program *expression of determination* But. Will I live through this?

To be continued......

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