Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adventure Trip - Part 3

We had a break at a small waterfall / stream. Washed away some of the sweat, tiredness and heat. Cool refreshing water from the stream was a delight to my hot sweaty face and toes. Ooooohhhh.... Nothing can describe it. If only my whole body could soak in it.

The rest of the team, one by one joined in and started soaking their feet, up to their ankles. I wonder if anyone is "enjoying" the water downstream *wicked grin*

Some of us got carried away and started splashing at each other. Some kind of belated childhood reaction still persisting. I joined in but tried not to overdo it in case the consequences results in dripping wet clothes. That 20 mins of break was refreshing and the Instructors was a great sport and even started some splashing! All in good fun.

Returning to the camp site alive was a real achievement for me. I still had my hands and legs intact. Whoo hoo! It's great to be alive!

I must admit that I was very proud of myself. Yes, more than the feeling of embarrassment was, pride. Wait, wait *pat myself on the shoulder* A great lesson learnt.... Perseverance produces success. I wanted to give up half way but didn't. Or rather, was not allowed to by the Instructors.

Infact, this is part of the purpose of this Adventure program. To make an anology of the adventure experience with the trials / seasons in life. Nothing sinks this deep till you have just experienced a 2.5 hours of mountain biking. As for me, it was mostly pushing the bike *sheepish smile*

The journey uphill was really tough, reminds me of my life. Many uphill moments in the last few months with Hubby's retrenchment, relocation back home to Malaysia, everyone's emotional upheaval due to the relocation and many more stuffs which I was still trying to sort out. Was this trip timely? Maybe.

Food never tasted this gooooood.....

It was a good trip to be away from it all.... To have heaps of fun, meet other participants, sweating it out, eating some Malay food which I have been deprived of since staying in Thailand and a good break for the family, away from me. Hahaha.

To be continued....


CY said...

Looks like you had more fun in KL than in BKK, hoh? Mountain biking? SH is thinking of getting a gear bike too for the kids to enjoy.

irish daisies said...

you all look like you had a great time and also all the food looks yummy!