Saturday, June 6, 2009

Adventure Trip - Part 4

Doing a debrief after every activity

"You stand here", says Japheth.

I swallowed hard.

"OK", I answered in my bravest voice.

It was past 10pm. There was hardly any breeze that night. I was afraid that it might rain... I don't want to get soaked. There was no shades. There was no way I could escape this. They have even provided a poncho. Which means, rain or no rain... Solo Hour is happening.

Surrounded by bushes left and right, I decided to sit on my Poncho. Ouch. The floor is very hard. But better than standing. I could see the moon peeping through the high branches of the trees. My! There was a firefly walking through some weeds, dried leaves and wet earth, just in front of me. How cute. A dot of light in the dark night. No torch light, no campfire, no streetlights, no mobile phone light, just firefly and me.

What in the world do people do for a whole hour in the middle of the jungle?

No laptop?

No mobile phone?

No TV?

No MP3, MP4, Radio, etc.

Its part of the Adventure program... Solo Hour. Meaning, solo. Alone. Nobody around. Just me, myself and I. Lone Ranger and no Tonto. *blink blink* What to do?

Reflective mood sets in when you don't get distractions. Which is almost impossible in our age, time and technology filled lives. But when I actually sat down and started to quiet myself, I could actually hear myself breathing. The birds chirping too loudly than preferred (considering its really dark and I am standing alone all by myself). So many thoughts flooded my mind, especially concerning the schedules and busyness of my life and of course mostly involving my children. Juggling all the things we want to do... And talking to God.

Then suddenly....

From the corner of my eyes, I saw a figure, as if standing. It was dark, so I could not be too sure if that was Jus who was suppose to be the nearest person standing away from me or .... No, no. I should not scare myself silly. After all, I am a Mother who tells their children that, "You shoud not be afraid, Jesus is always with you." La la la la la ... I am not afraid. La la la la. I must not scared. Its just darkness. I am a grown adult. No fear *trying to calm myself*

I was in that dilemma for a good 15 mins, I think, since I did not have a watch.

After the whole session was over, I spoke to Jus and asked him how come he look small most of the time and suddenly standing tall the next? I was really curious. Having had fear inflicted on me in such an unnecessary way. "I had to pee lah", admited Jus *sheepish smile* What can I say? When you are in the midst of nature, you might have nature's call.

Phew, I didn't have an encounter.

The 2 day 1 night Adventure Program was totally enjoyable. I did some stuffs which I have not done before and some I have not done for a long time. If you are interested to join any of their program, visit their website here.

BTW, since joining the program I have been convinced that what they are doing is something really wonderful, beneficial, meaningful and great for the young and not-so-young alike. So, I have joined them as a part-time staff in the area of Admin.

If you are 18 years old and above, you can join them as a volunteer Instructor. Its great to able to be such a great blessing to many other young people and enjoying the outdoors all at the same time. Trainings are provided for free.

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