Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miss Universe

Ethaniel and I sat down to watch the ending part of Miss Malaysia/Universe. They were already calling out the winners. My little boy asked me, "What is that?"

I tried to explain that it is a contest to decide who is most beautiful. And unexpectedly he said, "You are most beautiful", gave me the sweetest smile and stared into my face and continued...

"But you have to clean your forehead"

"Make sure there are no dirt (eye-shit) in your eyes"

"Let your hair down long"

"Make your body shiny (I think he meant clean and without dirt)"

"Change to a beautiful dress"

(lastly but not least)

"Slim down (he even measured and showed me with both of the palm of his hands. Looks like a size 0)"


So many things to do to be "beautiful". How to measure up? Am I that beautiful in his eyes?

Maybe, "yes" but only after I clean my forehead, eye shit, leave my hair long, take a shower, change to a beautiful dress and slim down.


reanaclaire said...

how cute.. and i m sure u feel great when he said u r most beautiful, right? i was watching it the other night too cos my classmate's daughter No. 8 was involved.. she got Miss Fashion, something like that.. now i heard she wants to go into Miss World.. :)

JO-N said...

Hahaha, he still meant you are the most beautiful.

cy said...

Haha. Ethaniel is so cute. Hey, we'll catch up later this week, OK?