Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This post is a little belated... relating my story on the unpacking of our goods..


My goods arrived from Bangkok on 7 March 2009, Saturday.

We were excited.

At last, we can settle down properly. Since 5 March 09, our Landlord has given us the keys to the house. We had to do some cleaning and even some painting, which we did, the next day. It was hardwork.

The Unpackers from Allied Pickford Malaysia was unfortunately a real disappointment. Their workers consists of 3 Malaysian Indians and 4 India Indians. The foreign workers were helpful and hardworking but had communication issues. They could speak little Bahasa Malaysia and no English. The locals could communicate in both English and Bahasa Malaysia but were not friendly, unmotivated to work and ordered the Indians workers around.

The Supervisor was not managing his workers well. So, everybody was doing their own thing. Some hanging outside the house chatting with my FIL! Some just smoking....

Some example of incidences...

Putting things into the shelves.... The Unpacker opened up boxes and asked me to put plates into the cupboard!! He unwrapped and I put it in for him!! The 2nd day, the Supervisor himself opened up the boxes and just left all the plates on the kitchen top. He neither asked me to put it into the cabinet or asked his men to do it. It was just left there.

On another occasion, when I told the Supervisor that I needed my shelves to be put up, he looked shocked at me. I felt that I was doing something wrong. He rudely said that I did not mention it earlier (he didn't ask) but I did mention to the fat Malay guy on the 1st day and he said that the handyman will be coming. I also mentioned to the office staff and she mentioned that there will be another crew who does installation. Supervisor then said that he does not have a drill. Handyman without a drill? Anyway, I told him that I had one. He reluctantly called out to his worker to put up the shelf and without saying a word, went off to do other things.

Slow, slow and slower...

On the 2nd day, it took 3 man x 4 hours = 12 man hours to assemble a cupboard. Mostly 2 man doing it and 1 man "pretending to help". I noticed that he often likes to do this kind of "observing". Good trick, I must admit.

Can you imagine my frustration of having to order the workers around and trying to get all my things unpacked and sorted!! And they were more happy to sit on their butt!

It was stressful with me managing the workers all by myself, sorting the things out, cooking lunch and having my 2 children around! Thank God my BIL, Kerwin whom I requested to be around entertained the children by taking them to the park and doing some stuffs. There was no TV, computer or anything else to do. My FIL was bored stiff hanging around, so he chatted with the workers. I know, you must be wondering why the workers are hanging around chatting, right?

I didn't cook dinner that night but just ate Maggie Mee, I almost died of exhaustion! It was impossible to cook, I could see that FIL was not exhilarated with the prospect of instant noodle but unfortunately my physical condition did not position me to even think about pleasing anyone's tastebuds. All I could think of was my bed, resting my feet and having a good night's sleep.

The next day, I called the Allied Pickford office to complain and requested for another crew but unfortunately the impression has already been made. The stress was just too much for me to be a repeated customer.

I was hoping their performance could match the Thai's but.... sigh.

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irish daisies said...

oh sorry about your unpacking. they will do unpacking for us but are not very careful so i always unpack ourselves. plus this gives me a chance to get rid of the things we dont really use